Giving Thanks for Entrepreneurship

As you prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday, and give tanks with your loved ones. Take the time out to gives thanks for the opportunities that entrepreneurship presents. I am sure as an entrepreneur you give thanks when business is going good, but during this recognition of giving thanks, really show your appreciation for entrepreneurship. Read the rest of this entry

What is Your Purpose in Life?

One without a purpose, is one who does not understand the importance of truly living a life full of understanding. That is a quote I thought of in my head and one which I find to be very accurate. Without there being a purpose for your life, you have no reason to seek constant improvement nor be ambitious in life. Read the rest of this entry

Are You Plugged Into Your Entrepreneur Community?

As entrepreneurs, we like to think of ourselves as lone wolves separated from the pack. With this sort of mentality, we tend to venture off on our own and shy away from sharing ourselves with a large group of people. The problem with this thinking and behavior, is that we alienate ourselves from opportunities only afforded to those who are known and active amongst the many. Read the rest of this entry

Why You Should Keep a Life Strategy Journal

About 2 weeks ago I began to read, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. From the very beginning of the book I was hooked because the reading aligned with the topics I have been writing about recently on this blog. From the successful mindset to living the life you desire, the book vividly speaks on how to accomplish each aspect of success.

One of the important topics in the book was writing down the specific amount of money you desire, what specific date you planned to acquire it and how you planned to make such happen. I followed the outline described in the book but I thought about it and wanted to take it a step further. Read the rest of this entry

My Experience at OHub’s SharkTank Night

Last Friday night I went out to the networking event, SharkTank Nights, hosted by Opportunity Hub also known as OHub. OHub is a growing power in the Atlanta entrepreneurial ecosystem (which I will cover in more detail in a future post). I had been meaning to attend previous SharkTank Nights but you know sometimes we tend to talk ourselves out of getting out to network. I plan to become a power player in the Atlanta entrepreneur scene though, so I knew I couldn’t keep missing such events. Read the rest of this entry

The Rat Race of Life

Look at the world around you. What do you see? More specifically, look at the people around you in society. What do you see? Most likely you see people racing to keep up with the norms of mainstream society or those who have given up all together and merely exist amongst the immense activity. Either way they are properly functioning in the rat race of life. How so? Because the system of the rat race is designed to keep you racing in the spiraling maze it has set up or completely defeat you and feed off your misery in various other ways. Read the rest of this entry

The Challenge of Overcoming Yourself

Have you ever looked at your life and said, “What the hell have I accomplished!” The reason you have probably done this is because you looked around at others and see them doing great things in their lives. They are successful in their careers, family life, business endeavors and just seem to exude confidence and a desire to win. You on the other hand are disgruntled, lack confidence and merely exist in the world rather than actually living. And who’s fault is this? Nobody but your own. Read the rest of this entry

The Act of Making Your Dream a Reality

We all have dreams. Some are grand, vivid dreams. And others are more tame in comparison but they are still visions which we would like to bring into fruition. When you think about dreams though, you typically think about imaginations which stay in your head. The only time you experience them is when you transition your thoughts to the place where they reside within your mind. What is life when you are only truly happy when residing within the imaginative confines of your mind? Read the rest of this entry

How Start-Ups Can Get Their First Clients

Today’s post is provided by Lyfe Marketing, a social media management company located in Atlanta, GA.

So you have a great idea for a business. And you have taken all the necessary steps to bring your brand to the market. Now it’s time to land your first few clients. As entrepreneurs, we are very passionate about the products and services we create. We believe every one will jump for joy and be ready to spend money on our brands. However, most early entrepreneurs will quickly realize how difficult it can be to land your first few clients. Read the rest of this entry

Wealth in the United States Infographic

Wealth and the inequality associated with it in the United States is a very touchy subject when discussed with main street America. Who is main street America? Main street America are those who are considered a part of the “middle class” and those who are considered poor. The rest are considered the wealthy or the 1%. The divide between the two social classes are quite alarming and it seems to only keep widening as the years pass by. Noticed I said the two social classes. This is because the distinction between the middle class and poor is increasingly becoming blurred and only seems to be a short while before there is only the wealthy and the poor. Side note: This is a topic I have discussed in further detail years earlier in a post entitled; The Coming Divide: Where Do You Fall Along the Line. Read the rest of this entry


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