Red or Blue Pill: You Live and You Learn

If you are familiar with the Matrix then you know about the red pill and the blue pill theory. If not let me give you a description of them both.

Red Pill = painful truth of reality

Blue Pill = bliss ignorance of illusion

So how does this relate to your own life? Read the rest of this entry

Jumping Hurdles

jumping hurdles
Entrepreneurship can be both satisfying and daunting. Continuously jumping hurdles, trying to meet deadlines, keeping clients happy, trying to bring in clients and trying to get an extension on your payment deadlines because you are in a slow period. Emotionally, mentally and physically draining but it is what we go through in order to call ourselves entrepreneurs. Read the rest of this entry

No is Just Motivation to Get a Yes

As an entrepreneur expect to hear more no’s than yes’s. The reason you hear no varies but it can boil down to: lack of experience, no established trust and skepticism of the product and service you are offering. Whatever the reason, people will come up with any excuse to tell you no so they won’t have to risk their money and time with you. It’s nothing personal, it is just that people are naturally inclined to shy away from what they do not know. You on the other hand, as an entrepreneur, take this as an indication that you are not up to par in the entrepreneurship world. Read the rest of this entry

You Don’t Want it! You are Just Talking!

all talk
One of the most common things people whine and complain about is how successful they want to be. They see well off or wealthy people’s lives and either envy or want (possibly both) what they have because they perceive their status as an image of being successful. But what usually is the case though is that they are blowing more smoke than producing actual fire. You know why? Read the rest of this entry

2nd Quarter Progress Report

2 quarter progress
The 2nd quarter is now the past and we are halfway through the year. That means only 6 months are left for you to accomplish your goals for the year. So my question for you is; how has your year been so far? Before reading any further this is a post about those who are not progressing and not for those who are doing exactly what they need to do. Read the rest of this entry

The Independent Mindset in a Dependent Society

I love psychology and understanding how the human mind works. I love studying people and analyzing how they interact in the society they are comfortable in and not so comfortable within. The human mind is so complex and it is amazing how the environment around us forms and shapes the thoughts within our head and produces our actions within the world. The mind is always processing and storing information and without you realizing it, your perception of what is right and wrong and how the world should operate for you is formed. So what am I rambling about? How does this relate to the title of this writing piece? Read the rest of this entry

The Common Misconceptions About Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a very popular subject these days. Everybody seems to want to be an entrepreneur or be involved in entrepreneurship in some form or fashion. Why so? Because entrepreneurship has been strongly championed recently and people seem to be attracted to the potential that can be produced from it. Potential..this word means what can be developed in the future. But most people get this confused with what great things will occur no matter what; regardless of their commitment or work ethic. Read the rest of this entry

Business Productivity on The Road Infograph

As entrepreneurs and business professionals we can be overwhelmed with busy schedules and hectic lives which pull our attention in ten different areas. One of the most frustrating aspects of being busy is having the feeling that your time is not being used efficiently. One of those exact moments are when you are traveling back and forth from the office to different destinations or when stuck in traffic on the way to an important meeting. It’s frustrating to feel like you are not using your time in the most productive manner, especially when it seems like your current surroundings inhibit you from doing just that. Read the rest of this entry

How to Make a Lasting Impression

lasting impression
In business image and reputation are everything. if your image doesn’t match up with your marketing activities or sales pitch and/ or your reputation is bad then it will be hard to gain business. As entrepreneurs we sometimes want to oversell ourselves and make ourselves seem greater than what we really are. There is nothing wrong with confidence and high self promotion but when you can’t produce what you claim; you will have a huge problem on hand. Read the rest of this entry

I’m Young and Entitled to Success

You are in your 20’s, you are smart, you have an idea and you believe you are entitled to seeing it come into fruition. You have the assumption that just because you speak about your wishes that those wishes are supposed to just happen because well…you are you. Now before we go any further I am not talking about all; just a few who seem to have entitlement issues. Read the rest of this entry


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