Marketing; online presence; SEO blah blah blah! Are you sick and tired of hearing these phrases? Do you just want to get on with your business without putting faith in technical jargon? Unfortunately, you can’t dismiss these terms out of hand if you want to be successful. Sorry to burst your bubble, but winning the marketing battle depends on an online presence because you won’t be triumphant if you don’t have one. With that in mind, here are the real reasons you’re failing to make your presence felt on the World Wide Web.

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We all know that the modern business arena is constantly racing ahead and that countless brands have crashed and burned simply by lagging behind contemporary standards. Obviously, you don’t want your business to wind up on this particular pile, so it’s absolutely key that you keep it up with the times. While strategy should always be tailored to the company itself, here are a few universal things that all businesses should be doing to stay current…


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When you own a business, growth is one of the biggest goals. You want your business to be the best it can be and a major player in your industry, and growth is the way your business gets there. When your business begins to outgrow the original plans that you set for it, this is a big reason to celebrate!

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When you first started your company, you probably researched every avenue your business could stretch into. The possibilities are endless when it comes to your company but when you are looking at ways to grow your business, then you’ll love our tips:

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The nature of running a business is such that nothing is unimportant. If you are a small business owner and you keep your own accounts, or you hire an accountant to do it for you, you will know that everything costs money and that every purchase makes a difference. Whatever your revenue is, it will be reduced every time you decide to buy something as modest as a stapler. That is why successful business people are also sensible with their money. You need to have a great attention to detail if you are going to make your business as profitable as it can be. While lots of things may not seem important, they all add up, and if you have a rather laissez-faire attitude towards the small things, they will soon accumulate together a become a big problem. While being parsimonious or miserly often has a rather unflattering connotation, the fact is that it is just good practice.

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In any business, big or small, new or old, health and safety must always remain a top priority. There are numerous reasons why this is the case. The first is that an issue with health and safety could lead to someone, an employee or client, getting seriously injured. You don’t want that on your conscience, and you also don’t want to risk the possibility of business lawsuits. Legal suits involving personal injuries can be devastating for businesses leaving them forced to pay damages in the hundreds of thousands. Of course, that’s not the only problem.


Once you get one lawsuit, the floodgates will open, and the sharks will smell blood in the water. You will be torn apart by employees who are unhappy with the level of safety you have provided in the workplace. As well as this, your business reputation will be damaged, you’ll struggle to get new customers to buy and new employees to sign on.


As such, you need to make sure that you are protecting health and safety standards in your company. Here are a few of the ways you can do just that.

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Small Business

Let’s face it, we’ve all been drawn to the prospect of making money online. Whether it’s starting up a YouTube channel in hopes that we’re funny or informative enough to get thousands of subscribers, or starting up an online business that sells specific products, making money online can be an incredibly lucrative venture that can be started up from the comfort of your own home. As long as you have a computer and some tech knowledge, you can create a business that reaches a wide audience if you know what you’re doing.

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Sadly, that’s the main problem with online business owners: they don’t know what they’re doing. They might follow some journals of successful entrepreneurs or they might look at articles on information, but what they don’t realize is that most of that is outdated information. Sure, some of that information could still be relevant. There are some things in business that won’t change, such as failing faster to build up experience, but there are still some business owners that don’t understand those concepts no matter how many times they’re re-told.

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You might have heard the old adage ‘no publicity is bad publicity.’ This is true if you’re trying to achieve fame at all costs, but it’s not true if you’re trying to successfully promote a business. So then, how do you do it? By launching expensive marketing campaigns in a conventional way and hoping that improves your exposure?


Or can you do a lot better than that? Is it worth going back to the drawing board and seeing how you could intelligently apply a relevant marketing campaign that will not only draw eyes but keep them?


You’re absolutely correct it is. In the digital, every-connected age, consumers are now more than ever aware of being marketed to. They’re used to seeing an advertisement barrage on every web page they visit. It’s why browser adblockers are so popular. People are used to skipping the 5 second mandatory YouTube advertisement.

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