Many nascent entrepreneurs find themselves gravitating towards the service industry. The ubiquity of bars, restaurants and clubs combined with the glitzy image of successful celebrity chefs and restaurateurs from Ken Hom to Gordon Ramsey adds an unrealistic showbiz veneer to what is, in reality a punishing and capricious business landscape. While it’s absolutely true that fame and fortune can be found in the catering industry, it’s far from the harsh reality that most in the business experience every day.

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If you combine culinary ability with a savvy business mind, the restaurant business can be very lucrative. After all, people aren’t going to stop needing to be fed any time soon. But don’t be bewitched by fantasies of high profits, wealth and status. In order to make a success of your restaurant you’ll need to go into the business with your eyes wide open.

Before you start scouring mama’s recipe books and scouting for the right premises, you’ll need to ask yourself these serious questions…

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When you have a trade, chances are that you’re self-employed. This means that you are likely to be in charge of all of your own insurance policies. You may think that you can count on luck to get you by, but failure to sign up to effective insurance packages can result in your paying out large amounts of cash, in the long run, should you be unfortunate enough to experience loss, accidental damage, theft or other forms of personal injury. So, here are a few aspects of the job that you might like to consider taking a policy out on.

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Hiring another person for your business gives you another mouth to feed. Sometimes this may be necessary, but sometimes, there are other things you can do to get the help you need. If you want another person to be totally responsible for, go ahead and hire them! If you don’t, you probably want to consider the following options.

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Would you like a better memory? A bigger brain? Or perhaps an increased concentration span? Well then we might have just the ticket. Recent research has just revealed that learning a second language can actually provide us with amazing health benefits. All these benefits just so happen to be extremely relevant in the world of business. So learning a second language would not only make your CV look much more impressive it could also make you a much more impressive employee and can help set you up on the path to success in business. Here’s how it can do that and much, much more.

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There are few things more frustrating than a customer or client who won’t settle their bill.


After all, it will have cost you time, money, and effort to do all you can to assist them when they use your company. You will have an investment, which you expect will be repaid when the invoice falls into their notice. For the majority of the time, you will find this is the case, and payments will be received promptly. Yet there will always be one customer or client who just doesn’t quite seem to understand their responsibilities.


It’s a frustrating, impossible feeling. You know they could pay; you know they agreed to pay; but after awhile it can feel like you’re chasing a ghost. Remembering and pursuing all the invoices that you have outstanding is a full-time job in and of itself, but just letting them slide not only costs you money but also sets a bad precedent.


So if you have billed for something and not received payment, what are the next steps you need to take to ensure you get what’s owed to you?

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All entrepreneurs will have to work hard to impress new clients if they want to become successful. In most instances, people will arrange business meetings to discuss the ins and outs of deals. It’s vital that all company bosses make the right impression if they don’t want to lose out to the competition. Three excellent tips on this page should offer some inspiration to entrepreneurs in that situation. Put these ideas into practice, and individuals should notice an improvement in their results almost immediately.



Look the part


Firstly, it’s critical that business owners make an effort when it comes to their appearance. There is lots of information online about the best types of clothing to wear. However, the basic rule of thumb is that all entrepreneurs need to invest in a decent suit. It’s also important to wear shiny shoes and some aftershave or perfume. Experts say that human beings form their first impressions of someone within a couple of seconds. So, it’s wise to dress and act the part from the onset. Here are some other ideas individuals might want to consider:

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We always see articles crop up online about which tasks small and medium sized businesses should outsource, but with more and more talented people making it in the freelance world, shouldn’t we be seeing at least one or two articles about what tasks they should be outsourcing? Yes. Freelancers using freelancers.


Just like any business, freelancers can experience some seriously – and we mean seriously – busy periods where the workload becomes almost unmanageable. What’s worse, though, is how important it is to use these good times to full-effect. The answer: outsource.


Just because you are a work-from-home freelancer doesn’t mean this option can’t help you out or, better yet, boost your operations exponentially. How amazing would that be? Well, with all that being said, we have come up with a selection of tasks that you should absolutely consider outsourcing, especially during those times when there is a ton of fruit to be picked.

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