Why I Created the Entrepreneurial Ambition’s Meetup Group

1st Meetup
Last Wednesday I had my first meetup for my Meetup group Entrepreneurial Ambitions. The meetup went as expected with any new networking group. I had about 40 RSVPs but only about 10-12 people showed up. I was hoping for at least 15-20 people but I knew not to focus on the quantity of people in attendance but more on the quality of people in attendance. And fortunately, I had some ambitious individuals in attendance who reinforced my motivation for why I started the meetup in the first place.

One of the key questions that I had asked was, “Why did I create the Entrepreneurial Ambition’s Meetup group and what was the meaning of Entrepreneurial Ambitions?” Read the rest of this entry

Asher over at BizHumm reached out to me last month to share with me his company’s online business guide that they created. The comprehensive free guide is entitled, How to Start a Business, which features 15 chapters and almost 25,000 words of valuable information. And this is all for free!!! Anyone who dedicates this much time to freely educating people about the business process has to truly be enthusiastic about small business and helping small business owners succeed. (more…)

I Am Boss 2015 Conference Review

Last weekend I had the opportunity to be included as special guest media at a great event. I was asked to come out and cover, The I Am Boss 2015 Conference. I Am Boss is an event produced by Boss Christian Network, which is a business network that operates on Christian principles. Tamara Diahann, the founder of Boss Christian Network, believes that there is no reason for Christians to separate their religion from their business.

With the I Am Boss Christian Conference, I believe Tamara wanted to give the attendees a great deal of information and value for a very reasonable price of admission. From financial institutions to image consultants, the industries represented at the conference greatly varied. As it was the first conference held by Boss Christian Network, I can say that it was handled very well. Putting on a live event is no easy task and the expectations which are set can be very hard to achieve on the first go around. Read the rest of this entry

The Entrepreneur Rat Race

Persistency in Entrepreneurship

I can’t even lie… I am tired and need a weekend of nothing but sleep and relaxation. Between working to make The Symmetry Firm successful, recruiting people for the Atlanta Entrepreneurial Ambition’s Meetup Group, creating the strategy for taking Entrepreneurial Ambitions to another level, writing for other sites, networking at least twice a week and going to the gym at least five days during the week; I am always on the go or working on something. But, honestly I wouldn’t have it any other way. Read the rest of this entry

3 Reasons Wantrepreneurs Fail at Entrepreneurship


Being an entrepreneur is a fascination many wantrepreneurs want to see themselves being included within. They see all the attention and glamour surrounding the field of entrepreneurship and lustfully want to be included in all the celebration. What they don’t account for however, is the long process of work that goes into building your entrepreneurial foundation. Read the rest of this entry

People Talk About Success But Don’t Really Want Success

Lately I have been coming across a lot of people who talk about how they want to be successful but they never do anything beyond talking. It frustrates me because I used to be one of those people and I realized the time I wasted always talking. I would constantly talk but would never back up my claims within my talking points with actual action. Grant Cardone spoke about this backwards thinking on Entrepreneur with an article that illustrated how success demands taking massive action. Read the rest of this entry

Why Can’t Entrepreneurs Sleep at Night… Thoughts of Success

Last night was a restless night. I could not sleep at all even though I needed to and wanted to. My body was tired but my mind was active and busy with many thoughts. No, not thoughts of anxiety like my previous blog post. These were thoughts of how am I going to achieve success with everything I am currently developing. Read the rest of this entry

Real Success requires Self Mastery

Do you know why success is so difficult for many people to obtain? It is because it requires so much damn discipline. To be quite honest, in today’s world, discipline is becoming a rare trait people possess. The reason for this is because a majority of people lack the ability to truly control their thoughts and actions due to living in a world that provides so much distractions. Read the rest of this entry

What Keeps the Entrepreneur Up at Night?

Since I presume most of my readers are entrepreneurs, it is safe to say that we are all currently stressed over something dealing with our entrepreneurial pursuits right? I believe such a statement is true for every entrepreneur out there looking for successful results. When you are an entrepreneur, your business literally becomes your life. (sorry to all you who seek a perfect work/ life balance) When your life becomes dedicated to growing your business and making it successful; your feelings of anxiety become a natural part of your thought process.

But what specifically is your source of anxiety?

What keeps you up at night?

What haunts your thoughts day and night, giving you a feeling of uneasiness? Read the rest of this entry


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