When I first began blogging, I did it in order to get my experiences, thoughts and opinions of entrepreneurship out of my head and into the world. I wanted people to read about my views on entrepreneurship and small business, with the intention to create engaging conversation around what I had written. What I didn’t understand when I started blogging was the concept of content, and how businesses would truly need content in order to prosper in the changing world of business/ consumer interaction.

Nowadays, a business with no content is a business that will find it very hard to gain attention in today’s competitive  marketplace. The marketplace is constantly moving, which means a producer must be able to stay ahead of the demands of the consumer. Therefore, engaging content plays a vital role in keeping a business present in the mind of the consumer. But does just any piece of information qualify as valuable content?

No it does not!

Knowing how to create great content that produces value for your business, is a huge advantage when it comes to marketing your business. What you must know though, is that more goes into the process of content creation, than just the action of  putting words together.

Content is not powerful if it does not reach its intended audience and create a feeling of inclusion and familiarity. These feelings being produced means that a connection between the reader and your content has been established.

But there is nothing worse than thinking that you have put together  great content that only gets looked over. It can be deflating, making you question if producing content is actually worth the time and effort. Read More How to Use Content to Grow Your Business!

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Both new and veteran small business owners can benefit from knowing a little more about maximizing deductions and getting a better handle on tax time. Whether you are a small business owner who scrambles every year at tax season to substantiate deductions and report all expenses or you are a small business owner who is organized and ready for tax season time and again, you will appreciate at least one of these six tips for making tax time easier for small business owners. Read More 6 Tips for Making Tax Time Easier for Small Business Owners

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The great thing about entrepreneurship is that you can take an idea and turn it into a vibrant business if provided with the perfect opportunity to flourish. Today’s world is passionate about entrepreneurship and people are always looking for the next great idea that will capture attention in the marketplace. If you have a great idea that can be validated in the marketplace, then you can probably find investors who are willing to put money behind your startup in order for it to grow rapidly. Read More Sports Tank for Sports Startups

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It can be hard to get an accurate temperature of the small business climate. Some experts will tell you that small businesses are doing quite well; while others will say small business owners are struggling. The inconsistencies of information being put out will make a person wonder if it is worth it at all to become a business owner.

There are arguments about the tax code being too hard on small businesses.

There are arguments about the economy being too slow for small businesses.

There are arguments about small businesses having a lack of resources and support.

While these arguments may be valid, they are not the end and be all that determines a business’s ability to perform within the marketplace. The ultimate determining factor that leads to a business’s success is the business owners ability to develop the strategic process which will produce successful results.

I say this because I have encountered many business owners who do not understand how to develop a profitable business. For one reason or another, they have missteps within their business operations which cause their business to lack sustainability. As these missteps go unchecked, they continually erode overtime, leading to a business which can’t avoid failure. Read More 4 Reasons Small Businesses Fail

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Cincinnati Bengals Leadership

This past weekend, The Cincinnati Bengals had the opportunity to finally get over their playoff slump by getting out of the first round of the playoffs. With less than 2 minutes left in the game, The Bengals had the ball and all they had to do was manage the clock until it ran out. But instead The Bengals became their own worst enemies with a major collapse of focus and discipline.

The problems began with a costly fumble by The Bengals that gave The Pittsburgh Steelers the ball back with little time left on the clock. Then came 2 very bad penalties by Bengal players, caused by lack of emotional control, that put The Steelers in the position to kick the winning field goal to secure the win.

What happened? How could a team that has never won a playoff game be in the position to win and let it all slip away due to their own errors?

It is because The Bengals lack real leadership. Read More Leadership Lessons From The Cincinnati Bengal’s Collapse

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If you have followed my writing on Huffington Post, you would know that I have written a few articles that demonstrate how to grow your business online. The article topics include:

Using social media influencers to grow your business

The importance of having your business online

How to implement good SEO tactics

 Why you must create a website that sells.

All of those post have received positive feedback, so now I want to bring everything together, in order to help you put together an effective plan of action that enables your business to have significant growth online.

Putting all these different components together creates a system of various actions, working together to deliver greater results towards your business’s growth online. This is very important because you need for your business to be a constant presence within its target market. And this can only be achieved through a continuous stream of messages and information that lead to engaged interaction.

The key for great results is to focus on consistency mixed with providing real value. Following this criteria helps to establish your authority because you become a constant presence who people learn to identify as an expert when it comes to a particular topic. Read More How to Grow Your Business Online

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