Well, there’s a lot to consider if you actually want to start up your own business. This includes but is not limited to a lot of paperwork if you desire to sort just about anything out, so this is not for the faint of heart.As mentioned, there is a lot more to this, and if filling out paperwork just isn’t for you, then there is a plethora of other skills which are might come in very handy. Skills which once again include but are not limited to: smooth talking, being charismatic, giving snappy answers, and being overall well organized. Other than that you also require some more traditional skills which will come in handy in the actual bread and butter of the business, aka starting producing or doing the actual service or product which your business will provide. Be it personal banking, roofing specialists, pest exterminators, or even hot air balloon pilot hire, either you, or someone you hire, needs to know what they’re doing, and that’s where the crux of the problem lies. Where do those actual skills come from in the first place? Well, unless you’re lucky enough to find someone with those skills already ready for hire, chances are you’re going to need to acquire some of them by your very self. Now, you might say that in order to stay alive in the city, while paying rent and buying food, studying enough to accomplish something meaningful is a near impossibility, but funnily enough, we now live in such times that everyday problems such as that one are commonly known. As a result, we now have several different ways of going about it, partly because someone saw a good business opportunity out there, but also because they decided to do something about it. Money really does make the world go ‘round.

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We are now 3 days into 2018.

Are you still in the middle of planning those big goals or are you actually in the process of applying actions to your thoughts?

Hopefully you’re doing the latter because if you haven’t noticed, 365 days goes by extremely quickly.

Before you know it, it’ll be summer and then you’ll soon find yourself preparing your plans for 2019.

Time is not on your side, which means every minute of the day must be effectively utilized with purpose backed actions.

You don’t have time to procrastinate by remaining in planning mode for 3 months, constantly making big announcements about what you’re going to do, and then relying on inconsistent actions to accomplish your goals.

Your ability to be successful relies on the effectiveness on your actions.

This means each step you take needs to be directed towards penetrating the challenges surrounding your goals.

Therefore, you need to become a better version of yourself, something the majority of people have a hard time doing because they refuse to eradicate their mediocre behavior.

Since we’re not even a week into the new year, I want to help keep you on your toes so that you accomplish all the goals you’ve set to be achieved this year.

I’m going to cover why most people never achieve their goals and then show you how you can ensure that you actually accomplish your goals.

So let’s get started.

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If you want your business to, well, continue being a business well into the future, then you need to be putting its customers at the forefront of everything that you do. More to the point, you need to be putting their happiness at the forefront of everything that you do and before everything else. To see exactly how this can be achieved, make sure to read on.

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Communicate effectively

Effective customer communication on your part would basically just entail communication on your part that resonates with a customer, or potential customer, so deeply that they cannot help but be drawn into doing business with your business. And, when this is achieved, you will have yourself a happy customer. To communicate in this way, then, you’re going to have to do a few specific things. One such specific thing that you should be doing every time you enter into communication with a customer, for instance, is using as little industry-based jargon as you can — this is because a confused customer is not a happy customer. Something else that you and your employees should be doing is communicating in a way that induces comfort within your customers to ask questions of their own.

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Customer Relationships

The words law and entrepreneurship don’t even seem like they belong in the same sentence.

One word represents the free-will to pursue the ambitions within your mind. The other word represents rules you must abide by in order to not get yourself in any trouble.

But yet, there are laws that govern entrepreneurship and you need to know them if you want to be a successful entrepreneur.

The laws I’m talking about aren’t taxes you must pay and the licenses required to legally operate your business.

I’m talking about the laws that put you in the position to make more money!

You might be passionate about helping your customers or finding solutions to social problems, but at the end of the day your time is valuable. You must be getting paid for the time commitment you put into producing a valuable product or service.

This sounds like common sense but you would be surprised to know how many entrepreneurs are basically giving their value away for little to nothing.

I call these type of individuals starving entrepreneurs. They’re like the starving artist who play their music for free because they “enjoy” they’re craft.

You can’t be one of these people and I won’t allow you to become this type of entrepreneur.

Passion doesn’t put food on your table unless that passion is being packaged as a business.

And unfortunately, too many entrepreneurs don’t know how to position their entrepreneurial venture as a real business so they’re really just operating a time sucking hobby.

A real business pays you and a time sucking hobby stresses you out because you’re desperate to make money.

But if you were abiding by the rules that govern entrepreneurship, you wouldn’t find yourself in a never-ending losing position.

This is why I want to teach you about the laws that govern entrepreneurship.

Once you understand the importance of these laws, you’ll start to operate in a more effective manner because you’ll know how to strategically work towards reaching your goals.

And what’s great about these laws is that they’re common sense considering the end-goal of entrepreneurship is to build a successful business.

Let’s start examining these laws so that you can improve your daily performance to produce better results.

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In any job, you should constantly be looking to improve yourself. You need to push yourself to do better all the time, and there are qualifications that can help you to do so. These same qualifications will make you better at your job and increase the chances of you getting your dream promotion.




If you struggle with IT in any form, then you should take a course in how to use it. If your job requires you to use Microsoft Office, then there are plenty of online courses you can take on somewhere like Udemy to learn about how to use this software. They are inexpensive and can be done at home at your leisure. However, once you have completed them, you will have a whole new understanding of how to use them. Being able to quickly and effectively use software will make you quicker at performing basic and complex tasks. This will mean that you have more time in your job and will help you be less stressed. It will also improve your performance and make you better at your job.

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I recently released my first book, 10 Laws of Power for Entrepreneurs, which discusses the entrepreneurial process in detail.

I felt that this topic needed to be addressed because so many aspiring entrepreneurs don’t understand the process involved in entrepreneurship.

They subscribe to the belief that acquiring success is easy and almost instant — all that’s required to attain it is their “claim” to it.

May the ignorant soon find wisdom.

Entrepreneurship is a battle.

You’re battling for attention, for recognition, and for customers.

This makes success an elusive creature that can be very difficult to capture.

Therefore, mindset and behavior play a huge part in how well your hunt for success goes.

Your mindset influences the actions that form your behavior.

If you have a mediocre mindset, then you’ll have mediocre behavior.

A mediocre mindset is when you feel entitled, play the victim, and hate the success that other people experience.

Mediocre behavior is when you do half-ass work and always look for shortcuts.

Mediocrity is a repellent of success and unfortunately, a lot of entrepreneurs operate within the confines of mediocrity.

The entrepreneurial process requires a winning mindset because this type of thinking influences successful behavior.

If an individual doesn’t possess a winning mindset they’ll never succeed in operating within the entrepreneurial process.

This is because the entrepreneurial process requires consistency, persistence, and massive action.

The average person who performs at a mediocre level doesn’t have the capacity to perform well within the entrepreneurial process because it requires intense focus — something mediocre individuals can never have.

If you’re not used to being accountable for your own actions and hustling nearly 24/7, then you’re going to need a crash course to learn how the entrepreneurial process works.

You’re going to need to thoroughly understand this process if you have any chance at succeeding in entrepreneurship.

If you fail to grasp this concept, that is dependent on mindset and actions, you’re guaranteed to fail at entrepreneurship.

So let’s dissect the entrepreneurial process to help you learn how to operate effectively and efficiently as an entrepreneur.

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2018 is less than 3 weeks away, which means you should already have a plan of action that’s currently being put into motion to accomplish your goals for the new year.

But most people like to plan for the new year a few days before it arrives or on the day of January 1st.

This is the wrong approach to take because you’re already behind on accomplishing your goals when you do this.

There’s pretty much a 99% chance your goals won’t be accomplished because you didn’t prepare yourself mentally for the challenge of improving.

You can’t just wake up one day and be a new, improved version of yourself without gradually progressing towards that change.

So you can’t expect to improve your business in 2018 if you didn’t implement the new system of actions that are supposed to replace your old ones.

This should have been done by the beginning of the 3rd quarter of 2017.

You’re probably reading this right now and feel slightly panicked because it’s the middle of December and you just started to think about your goals for 2018.

This does put you in a bit of a predicament, especially since we’re in the midst of the holiday season.

This is the time of year when you become distracted by family, friends, and the festivities celebrating the holidays that last for nearly a month — Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day.

Therefore, your attention is focused on entertainment and relaxing.

You’re not concerned with pushing yourself to improve heading into the new year.

Then when January 1, 2018 arrives, you quickly try to put some goals together that aren’t even supported by a strong strategy focused on execution.

This causes you to have issues making any progress because you’re rushed to produce results instead of gradually letting the tactics within your strategy have an impact.

This leads to you dealing with a lot of frustration.

Once you get frustrated, you start to believe that you cannot accomplish your goals, causing you to give up on them and operate with the same behavior you’re use to.

It’s back to business as usual and another year where your business experiences mediocre results.

What I want to help you do is eliminate mediocrity from your behavior so that you can position your business to experience massive results in 2018.

Even if you haven’t already put your plan into motion to accomplish your 2018 goals, I will teach you how you can begin the process.

Fair Warning: You will work harder than you ever have before to produce massive results but the spoils of your hard work will be worth the effort.

So let’s stop talking and begin the implementation process.

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