6 Tips for Making Tax Time Easier for Small Business Owners


Both new and veteran small business owners can benefit from knowing a little more about maximizing deductions and getting a better handle on tax time. Whether you are a small business owner who scrambles every year at tax season to substantiate deductions and report all expenses or you are a small business owner who is organized and ready for tax season time and again, you will appreciate at least one of these six tips for making tax time easier for small business owners. Continue reading

How to Make Your Small Business BIG!


What is your definition of a small business?

I ask this because many people seem to think that small business means that a business has to be small in both performance and results. This thinking is what causes many small businesses to place a ceiling over their operations, which severely limits their potential to grow. But why think small just because your business is identified as a small business? Do you think that your competition sees themselves as being just a small business?

No, they do not and this is why there is such a huge disparity between successful businesses compared to average or failing businesses. The differences occur within mindset, the ability to hustle non-stop and being able to apply resourcefulness in order to overcome significant odds. Transforming your small business into one that operates like a big business is not  impossible. Of course it takes a lot of hard work but that is a requirement that should already be known when you apply to be an entrepreneur.

What I want to provide for you is the tools that will help you create a presence for your business that is bigger than a small business. When you believe that your business is bigger than just a small business, that belief transfers to those who are thinking about doing business with you. Once this belief is transferred to the marketplace, it becomes easier for you to establish consistency and growth within your business.

Make Your Reach International

There are many tools available to your business that can be utilized in order to reach people all across the world. One such tool is call management services, where you can attach a 1800 number to your business. 1800 numbers say to a customer that your small business can conduct business anywhere, no matter the location and is not just some small operation. Perception plays a big part in business. Therefore, you want your business to be perceived as one that has the capabilities of the big competitors. This will help tremendously when your business is being vetted amongst other competitors by the customer.

Provide Impeccable Customer Service

Customers want to be assured that you can handle their needs in an exceptional manner. This is why your customer service is very important. Great customer service demonstrates that your business has the capabilities to effectively satisfy business, no matter the demands it is faced with. One great customer relationship management tool to use for your small business is Infusionsoft. Infusionsoft allows for you to stay on top of your tasks related to different customers so that you can remain in great standing with them. Big businesses can get away with bad customer service because they operate on quantity and not necessarily quality. For small businesses, it is the exact opposite. As a small business, you must provide quality each and every time when engaged with a current or potential customer.

Under Promise and Over Deliver

As a small business, you want to have a bold attitude but don’t let that boldness become a fault that holds you to impossible standards. Many small businesses make enormous claims that they can’t possibly satisfy in order to attract customers.  Consequently their business’s reputation takes a hit once those claims are not met. Smart small businesses understand that you should first communicate that you can definitely meet expectations. When the customer chooses to work with your business, you then go above what you originally stated. It is a psychological strategy that helps your business to secure more customers due to glowing testimonials and word of mouth praise from existing customers.

The only reason that your small business will stay small is if you think and operate small. Step up your business’s performance so that you can be seen on the same playing field as a big business within the customer’s mind.

Sports Tank for Sports Startups


The great thing about entrepreneurship is that you can take an idea and turn it into a vibrant business if provided with the perfect opportunity to flourish. Today’s world is passionate about entrepreneurship and people are always looking for the next great idea that will capture attention in the marketplace. If you have a great idea that can be validated in the marketplace, then you can probably find investors who are willing to put money behind your startup in order for it to grow rapidly. Continue reading

4 Reasons Small Businesses Fail

reasons small businesses fail


It can be hard to get an accurate temperature of the small business climate. Some experts will tell you that small businesses are doing quite well; while others will say small business owners are struggling. The inconsistencies of information being put out will make a person wonder if it is worth it at all to become a business owner.

There are arguments about the tax code being too hard on small businesses.

There are arguments about the economy being too slow for small businesses.

There are arguments about small businesses having a lack of resources and support.

While these arguments may be valid, they are not the end and be all that determines a business’s ability to perform within the marketplace. The ultimate determining factor that leads to a business’s success is the business owners ability to develop the strategic process which will produce successful results.

I say this because I have encountered many business owners who do not understand how to develop a profitable business. For one reason or another, they have missteps within their business operations which cause their business to lack sustainability. As these missteps go unchecked, they continually erode overtime, leading to a business which can’t avoid failure. Continue reading

Leadership Lessons From The Cincinnati Bengal’s Collapse

Cincinnati Bengals Leadership

This past weekend, The Cincinnati Bengals had the opportunity to finally get over their playoff slump by getting out of the first round of the playoffs. With less than 2 minutes left in the game, The Bengals had the ball and all they had to do was manage the clock until it ran out. But instead The Bengals became their own worst enemies with a major collapse of focus and discipline.

The problems began with a costly fumble by The Bengals that gave The Pittsburgh Steelers the ball back with little time left on the clock. Then came 2 very bad penalties by Bengal players, caused by lack of emotional control, that put The Steelers in the position to kick the winning field goal to secure the win.

What happened? How could a team that has never won a playoff game be in the position to win and let it all slip away due to their own errors?

It is because The Bengals lack real leadership. Continue reading