Successful Relationships = Successful Business

The 30 Day Challenge: Focus

2015 is the year of laying down the foundation that leads to long-term success. As with anything worth having, success is a process of progress. What comes with any process of progression is the act of patience and having steadfast focus.

What usually happens along the way though is that people become distracted and lose sight of the intended endgame. In the beginning, people desire the results of the end but working through the middle is never really attractive nor exciting for most. This boredom usually leads to people allowing the comfort of distractions to take their focus away from tedious tasks that are not pleasantly entertaining. Read the rest of this entry

Implementing Excellence into your Behavior

Excuse all the umms. Definitely not excellent at all but excellence is a process which we gradually transition to over time with consistency.

No Excuses

Why Entrepreneurs must have Patience

What is the main reason we aspired to become an entrepreneur? The ability to make our own money. The desire to be our own boss. The perceived opportunity we believe exist in the marketplace. Whatever the reason, it all boils down to the desire we have to control our own freedom. Read the rest of this entry

Learn How to Effectively Network

What is Entrepreneurial Ambitions About?

Don’t let Your Surroundings Distract Your Focus

Perceived Knowledge vs Applied Knowledge

Perceive: interpret or look on (someone or something) in a particular way.

Applied: (of a subject or type of study) put to practical use as opposed to being theoretical.

I started off with these two definitions so that you can have a clear understanding of the topic at hand I am discussing. When it comes to entrepreneurship, a great deal of people are theorizing about the process of it without actually having any real experience in the lifestyle. Read the rest of this entry

Poor Hustling

poor hustling
Hustling tends to hold a negative connotation when brought up within a discussion involving business. People tend to equate hustling with “no structure” and a way to make fast money at another’s expense. Basically if you identify yourself as a hustler, people will take it as you lack a real understanding of how business actually works. And unfortunately a lot of hustlers lack sufficient business acumen. They run and scramble around constantly trying to find the next participant in their hustle because they lack a clear and concise strategy of action. They are simply poor hustling. Read the rest of this entry


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