The Act of Making Your Dream a Reality

We all have dreams. Some are grand, vivid dreams. And others are more tame in comparison but they are still visions which we would like to bring into fruition. When you think about dreams though, you typically think about imaginations which stay in your head. The only time you experience them is when you transition your thoughts to the place where they reside within your mind. What is life when you are only truly happy when residing within the imaginative confines of your mind? Read the rest of this entry

How Start-Ups Can Get Their First Clients

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So you have a great idea for a business. And you have taken all the necessary steps to bring your brand to the market. Now it’s time to land your first few clients. As entrepreneurs, we are very passionate about the products and services we create. We believe every one will jump for joy and be ready to spend money on our brands. However, most early entrepreneurs will quickly realize how difficult it can be to land your first few clients. Read the rest of this entry

Wealth in the United States Infographic

Wealth and the inequality associated with it in the United States is a very touchy subject when discussed with main street America. Who is main street America? Main street America are those who are considered a part of the “middle class” and those who are considered poor. The rest are considered the wealthy or the 1%. The divide between the two social classes are quite alarming and it seems to only keep widening as the years pass by. Noticed I said the two social classes. This is because the distinction between the middle class and poor is increasingly becoming blurred and only seems to be a short while before there is only the wealthy and the poor. Side note: This is a topic I have discussed in further detail years earlier in a post entitled; The Coming Divide: Where Do You Fall Along the Line. Read the rest of this entry

What is Your Excuse?

If you haven’t noticed by now, I am on a mission to change your mindset and position you for greatness in your life. As this mission progresses, I must continue to challenge you to challenge yourself and sometimes be brutally honest so to engage your emotions in order for you to think more critically. No need for us to be soft and be fed bullshit around here. At Entrepreneurial Ambitions, we only strive for the best and push ourselves to produce such results. Read the rest of this entry

Business Success Depends on Community Involvement

community involvement
My business’s success depends on community involvement? Really? I am in business to get paid and provide for myself and my family. Where does a community play a role in any of that? If you think like this, change your mindset immediately because you are doing yourself a disservice. Read the rest of this entry

Why I am Incorporating Fitness In My Business

A couple of weeks ago I decided I wanted to create a lifestyle business focused on the entrepreneurial/ successful mindset, business development and physical development. Why I have decided to create this business is because I am all about continual personal development from now, until the end of my time on this earth. And I see no better way to become a fully developed person than to do so through your mindset, business and body. A complete transformation and enhancement of one’s self! Read the rest of this entry

Arrested Development

arrested development
Arrested development… What does it mean? Arrested development means your thoughts, actions and perception of yourself is held under constraint by outside influences. What are these outside influences? These influences are your family, friends, workplace, community; those people or experiences which are a part of your daily interactions. These different interactions have a significant impact on your development within the world and on how you function within it on a daily basis. Read the rest of this entry

3rd Quarter Progress Report

3rd Progress Report
As the 3rd quarter of the year is gone and we enter the 4th quarter, the question I have for you is; “What have you done?” Hopefully you have done a great deal of work and accomplished those task which you set for yourself. Three things at Entrepreneurial Ambitions that are constantly preached about are: continual growth, no excuses or bullshit allowed and the need to execute set goals. If you are not operating within this mindset, then it would be hard for you to accomplish much. Usually during this time of the year, people want to jam all their efforts into 3 months but that simply doesn’t work. Read the rest of this entry

Why Your Mindset is Important in Entrepreneurship

Psychology and entrepreneurship are intertwined tightly together and some don’t even recognize this fact. For an entrepreneur, how your business is faring usually depicts the emotions which are produced within you. Your business is going well, you are usually excited and feel like you are on top of the world. Your business is going bad, you are usually anxious and depressed, close to calling it quits. Entrepreneurship can take you on an emotional roller-coaster ride but the mindset you hold is what dictates the course of your journey. Read the rest of this entry

Shark Tank Lessons: Amber Charge

Shark Tank is a great show to watch for entrepreneurs who feel they are ready to go to the next level in their business or with their business concept. The show teaches you about effective pitching, knowing your business through and through and being realistic about your expectations in the marketplace. Some participants go into the tank knowing exactly why their business is worth the investor’s money and are able to illustrate that point perfectly. Others have a hard time validating their business and in turn, produce the vicious bite of the sharks who guard the tank. Read the rest of this entry


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