Stuck in the Maze of Life


This thing called life is a journey that is often confusing and one that can leave you quite exhausted because of its unpredictable nature. With this environment of unpredictability comes the need for predictability for many people in the maze we call life. It is a maze because it is an open-ended pathway with many twist and turns that can detour your pathway to true freedom. So this is where predictability gets added to the equation because for most people, they need to be aware of their next step in order to feel safe. The need for predictability though can make your ability to get through the maze tougher because your sight is occupied with energy draining concerns that really provide no true benefit.

 Within life the maze represents the world we live within but we all are placed within very different mazes that require different navigation systems. Many people make the mistake though of believing that their maze is identical to another person’s maze which is a very wrong assumption. Trying to navigate through your maze the way someone else does theirs will produce results that you did not hope for and can completely turn you around in your own maze. Also obstacles will be presented in your maze that are in place to be distractions that create barriers from you finding your way through the maze. These obstacles are situations produced within the world such as recessions, high unemployment, expensive higher education, etc. that cause you to get stuck or backtrack in your maze. If you take a look at many people’s lives you will notice that the obstacles being built up in their maze constricts their opportunity to move freely through their maze, therefore disrupting measurable gains in society as a whole.

 They say life is what you make it but for the majority of people, that saying does not hold much weight nor truth. The maze they are traveling through is something like a labyrinth; a desolate pathway that holds many bad turns. In order to escape this feeling and travel your maze in your own self guided direction, you have to be motivated to advance beyond your current limitations. Do not look at the many walls around you and defeat your own will to succeed past your current circumstances. The maze you are in is given to you upon birth and as your life progresses different turns and twist are built into it to make it more complex. What you control is your ability to navigate through the maze and doing so without giving in to the ambiguity that surrounds its existence. Those who are successful in traveling through the maze do so by recognizing the perceived limitations around them and breaking down those walls rather than be confined by their presence. It is a mental game that requires the ability to see beyond your current situation and envision what the future can hold if you walk in the necessary direction.

 We all are walking through the maze of life and are doing so in mazes that have completely different designs. While it truly may be difficult for you to operate through the maze; the only way to move forward against its difficulties is to walk your own path through the maze rather than be directed by other forces. As what was said previously, “Life is What You Make It”, so what will you make of yours?

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Entrepreneur enthusiast, entrepreneur educator, entrepreneur activist. I live and breath entrepreneurship.

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  1. “While it truly may be difficult for you to operate through the maze; the only way to move forward against its difficulties is to walk your own path through the maze rather than be directed by other forces.” Great post.

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