How to Plan Your Great Escape

We all want to live out our dreams and fulfill our destinies but are we truly willing to do so? Talking about it is one thing but actually doing something is completely different. It is time to make the transition towards realizing your dreams and to escape the prison in which you are being held captive.

At one point in time we are all held captive by the standards of society. Overt and subtle boundaries are put in place to remind people of what they can and cannot do and also of what they can and cannot achieve. Living within our given societies conditions us to behave a certain way and perform with a certain mindset. Therefore, what we interact within on a daily basis molds the foundation of our existence. Among all of this though, most of us seek something entirely different from what we currently find ourselves within. This is also due to society showing us what others have achieved through the advancement upon the different ladders of society. These individuals saw that barriers existed but never perceived them as limitations, just obstacles to be overcome.

So what stops you from doing the same? Let me show you how to plan your great escape and move towards the life you want for yourself:

1) What Exactly Do You Want? This is the point where we normally speak too broadly instead of being exactly to the point. You want to be rich. Okay, but what exactly does being rich mean to you? While you are floating around that idea without definitive benchmarks, you are leading yourself nowhere, just talking. For instance, instead say I want to make $10 million and here is how I will achieve such a goal. So now you have a goal and initiatives which lead you to that wanted point. Doing so makes you hold yourself accountable for your actions and forces YOU to take yourself serious. Be exact and to the point in order to place yourself in a tunnel vision, which makes you keenly focused on getting what you want.

2) Look at Your Current Environment & Beyond. What around you is holding you back? Whatever it may be, identify it and eliminate it. Now think, is your current environment where you see your future? Most likely it is not. We all want to elevate ourselves to a higher plateau in our lives. The only problem is finding out how to exactly do just that. Remember there is always opportunity around you, it is just up to you to perceive the possibilities. You must use the resources around you to propel yourself forward. Once you create a strong footprint around you, you can begin to extend yourself to those environments beyond your current grasp. It is not where you are at but rather where you are going.

3) Claim What is Yours. Now it is time to stop talking and make it happen. Go after your dreams with absolute ferocity. You have to keep pushing yourself even when it seems like all your hard work is futile. Remember pressure makes diamonds, so that means you keep pressing until your riches are produced. People always give up right before they make it because they truly do not want to escape bad enough. If you are serious about making that escape no frustrations should hold you back. If you claim it as yours, take it by force if necessary(strategically I mean, not physically).

This world is too big to be stuck in an unwanted position because you are unwilling to move beyond such a point. I don’t know about you but I refuse to not live my life on my own terms and to the fullest. You only get one life so why choose to live it miserable, full of regret and unfulfilled? A loaded question you must ask yourself.

About Yura Bryant

Entrepreneur enthusiast, entrepreneur developer, entrepreneur strategist. I live and breath entrepreneurship.

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  1. I agree with your thought.Thank you for your sharing.

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