2nd Quarter Progress Report

2 quarter progress
The 2nd quarter is now the past and we are halfway through the year. That means only 6 months are left for you to accomplish your goals for the year. So my question for you is; how has your year been so far? Before reading any further this is a post about those who are not progressing and not for those who are doing exactly what they need to do.

You should really be progressing in your efforts because as we have noticed, a year can go by fairly quickly. For most of us, the belief is that we will have time later. So wrong though; because we always end up complaining about how time went by so fast and how we will do better next year. Honestly you have to stop the bullshit because while you are giving excuses and putting off, someone else is hard at work trying to be successful. Do you know the difference between highly successful people and average people? Consistent effort or better known as the unwillingness to accept mediocrity. When I tell you that is it, I honestly say that is all it is to the secret formula for success.

2014 is half way done, so if you are a reader of this blog I challenge you to be better than your today. I made a claim at the beginning of this year that my followers would do great things and I hope such does transpire. Look hard at yourself and challenge your current efforts. We can never be great if we are unwilling to admit our faults and actually change for the better.

A quick guideline to follow:
• Completely eliminate distractions
• Formalize how you will get from point A to point B (your strategy)
• Work your strategy consistently, it helps to make it easy and natural
• Stay around those people who have the same goals and focus
• Keep pushing yourself, being content is the path to mediocrity

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