4 Crucial Tactics To Attract Your First Big Client As An Entrepreneur

You set your business a few years ago, and you’ve steadily been growing each year. In fact, you’ve had quite a successful run and you’ve broken through your expectations. But, now you want to move on, you want to roll with the big guys. You can’t stay a little fish forever; you’ve got to start attracting big clients, ones which are industry pillars and are known around the world in their respective fields.

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Prepare your attack


When you get up to pitch to a potential investor or client, you’ve got to be on you A game. If you can, before you go into a board meeting where you’ll be trying to convince the brand to choose you for their next operation, learn a thing or two about the board. The fact is, in the team of people you’re pitching to, they’ll be one person who has the final say. Find out who that person is, and style your pitch toward them.

Do away with emotion


Transcend your own product. Yes, you have built up your service up from scratch, it’s been your life and blood for a long time but don’t be protective of it. The reality is, investors, want to know what you’re doing now and where you want to go. Therefore, with grace, you must highlight things you want to improve on and why, how, when you’ll do them. A great tip is, to not behave as if you are a salesman, but a person with an idea to solve a problem.

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Reassurance and competence


Before a big fish will bite, it needs to know the investment of hiring is worthwhile in the people behind the business they’re interested in. Big clients move slowly, they got where they are because they’re savvy and cautious; they only strike when the rewards overwhelmingly outweigh the risks. Although the face to face interaction between businesses will never die, trading, markets and day to day dealings are done online where literally hundreds of thousands of terabytes of information are transferred and allocated. Companies want to be reassured that their sensitive insider knowledge and trade secrets are protected. That’s why like never before specialists like the Facility Services Group Electronic Recycling are becoming industry spec-grade in security and collateral avoidance practices. As a small business looking to take on larger clients, put yourself in their shoes and contemplate how trust plays an enormous part in their negotiation strategy.

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Find the hot button


Stick to what you know. It’s all well a good to want to venture out into new fields, but when you’re attracting a big client, you want to show them that you’re the best in your field. Before you enter into a negotiation or pitch, do some digging and find out about their business and what kind of area they’re lacking in and how you could fill that gap. Stress the important role you would play for them, but don’t make it seem as if you’re their only option. Believe in your product but don’t boast. Let your facts and figures speak for themselves and always hark back to not why, but how you would be an asset to their brand.


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