5 Effective Strategies to Grow Your Business

There’s nothing worse than being an entrepreneur who has been in business for 10 years and you’re still struggling like a new business owner.

Your business has not grown but your debt and stress have significantly grown!

You operate a business that has no marketing or sales strategies, no financial goals being worked towards, and no market identity.

Your terrible operational approach leads to inconsistent sales, near empty personal and business bank accounts, and no customer loyalty.

It’s an agonizing feeling to be an entrepreneur in this position.

You’re very miserable being an entrepreneur.

It’s not the sure path towards wealth that you once thought it would be.

You’re very close to giving up your entrepreneurial pursuits to become an employee again.

The only thing that will stop you from giving up entrepreneurship is if your business experienced growth in the next 60 days.

How can this possibly happen though,  if you have been struggling as an entrepreneur for years?

Luckily, this feat isn’t impossible.

It’s actually quite achievable if you’re committed to working both hard and smart.

This distinction has to be made because you can work hard and never produce any results.

Working hard without an effective strategy only leads to you being frustrated by stagnation.

Working smart + hard leads to massive results being produced.

Massive results are how you grow your business quickly!

Now you need to learn how to go from little to no results to massive results.

This is done through a combination of effective actions.

Effective actions are focused on wasting as little time as possible to produce results quickly.

Struggling entrepreneurs have a problem with wasting time.

Their time is either wasted procrastinating or by doing a lot of something that leads to absolutely nothing.

You can’t do either of these things and expect to succeed.

Your business’s growth requires a strong strategy backed by bold actions.

Bold actions mean that you intend to accomplish your goals as soon as possible without hesitation.

The 5 actions listed in this blog post will help you move boldly and swiftly towards growth.

If you’re ready for growth, let’s dig into the 5 strategies listed.

Understanding What Growth Means

Before your business can grow, you must understand the meaning of growth.

Too many entrepreneurs confuse movement with growth.

They get happy just because something small happens, and proceed to slack off.

They think their small sporadic actions will open the floodgates of success.

When it doesn’t happen, they do the same thing again and again.

It’s a never-ending cycle of on and off actions.

The lack of consistency makes it hard for results to be produced.

For example, let’s say your goal is to make $1,000,000 within 2 years.

That’s a pretty ambitious goal if you have never even made $100,00 from your business.

This is a financial goal that is dependent on consistent growth.

You’ll have to determine how to make your first $1,000, $10,000, and so on.

You don’t just jump from $1 to $1,000,000.

Trying to make this impossible leap leads to frustration.

You give up on the goal because nothing is working.

When you gradually move up the financial ladder instead, you learn the effective actions that consistently bring money into your business.

Learning how to produce consistent growth helps you quickly accomplish your financial goals.

Ask yourself whether you have been focused on growth actions or sporadic actions.

You are either working to build your business or hoping for a miracle due to some random action leading to success.

Now that it has been established what growth means, it’s now time that you learn how to grow your business.


1. Provide Valuable Content

If you’re online, you know the importance of content.

You need content to bring awareness to your business.

There’s a problem that occurs though.

Most entrepreneurs make the mistake of passing junk off as content.

If your content sucks,  people will perceive that your business sucks as well.

Therefore, you need to ensure that your content is great.

Great content is content that is full of value.

This is information relevant to the reader, that helps make them better.

You can’t have a marketing blog that provides old information from 2 years ago.

Your blog needs to be in-depth, instead of repeating basic information.

Learn about the problems your customers are having.

Ask insightful questions that help you learn how to produce the most effective solutions.

Once a solution is created, constantly talk about it through your content.

You need for people to identify you as the go-to expert within your industry.

This occurs when you can simply but effectively communicate how to solve a problem.

When you provide free valuable content, you’ll experience great demand for your paid content.

Therefore, never create filler content just to update your blog.

Only publish content that provides knowledge to your audience so that they can produce better results in their personal life or within their business.

You’ll know your content is great when:

  • It’s shared frequently
  • Readers feel a need to comment on your post
  • People eagerly pay for your premium content.

Focus on providing valuable content and your recognition as an authority will be validated by your loyal following.


2. Automate & Outsource Tasks

It’s very disheartening to know how many entrepreneurs feel the need to perform every single task within their business.

They equate being busy with building a successful business.

In reality, they’re stalling the growth of their business because they’re not focused only on growth activities.

Their entire day is eaten away by attending to administration task, leaving no time for the real money maker activities: MARKETING & SALES


This cannot be said enough.

Outsource administrative task to an individual or business focused on providing those services.

The majority of your time should be spent acquiring new customers for your business.

Let’s be real though, marketing and sales can be very time consuming too.

You have to create the content, find the best platforms to advertise, and spend time formatting it to be just right.

You then have to follow up with the leads you receive, qualify them, and schedule follow-up appointments.

This long process slows down your ability to quickly bring cash into your business.

This is why it is a must to invest in automated services.

With automation, you’re not speaking to leads until they are qualified prospects.

This eliminates wasting time on people who are not likely to become a customer.

Automation also allows for your marketing and sales campaigns to work 24/7 in different places.

With a wider reach of constant activity, your business has the potential to grow exponentially.


3. Only Invest in Conversion Activities

Time is money, and wasted time means no money is being made.

A lot of entrepreneurs make the mistake of investing time and money into activities that are fruitless.

They constantly try to breathe life into an activity just because others are producing successful results.

This leads to frustration and low marketing funds because money is not being generated for their efforts.

To find the marketing activities that converts viewers into leads, you need to test various strategies.

The ones that produce results need to be pumped with more money.

The unsuccessful ones need to be quickly discarded.

Only invest time and money into those activities that produce cash for your business.

You’re growing a business, which means making money is your top priority.

If one Facebook ad creates 2 leads and another creates 10 leads, it makes sense to increase the ad spend for the better performing ad.

You have to make business decisions as an entrepreneur, which means leave your emotions out of most decisions.

At the end of the day, you want to put your business in the position to win.

If it doesn’t make dollars, it doesn’t make sense!


4. Focus on Exceeding Sales

Sales are what keeps a business alive and growing.

If you’re not focused on sales then you shouldn’t be operating a business.

You need to establish your sales goals and aggressively go after them every single day.

Although you want to meet your goal, you need to have it in your mind to exceed your number.

Your sales goal might be $1,000,000, but hustle like you are going after $10,000,000.

Just settling can cause you to slack off when your goal is close to being met.

Your sense of accomplishment can cause you to become arrogant, thinking that you have nothing else to prove.

This type of mindset leads to failure due to complacency.

But, when your mission is to exceed your sales goal, you never become satisfied with success.

You want more and more success, which leads to consistent growth for your business.

It’s better to have a treasure chest full of cash reserves than to have just enough cash on hand to meet your needs.


5. Create a Dominating Presence

Being a successful entrepreneur requires you to establish your business’s presence in the marketplace.

If customers don’t know that your business exists, they don’t buy your offer.

Therefore, your business needs to constantly be where your customers are.

The more that your business is seen, customers associate it with being a legitimate company.

Create Facebook ads, attend network events, become a vendor at trade shows.

Give your business every opportunity possible to be seen.

It’s better to be overexposed than to not be noticed at all.

The multi-million dollar businesses are the ones that invest in being seen by their customers.

Remember to always communicate the value of your offer too.

Make people feel as if they are missing out on something great by not being your customer.

Your business will soon be flooded with so many customers that you’ll have to put people on a waitlist or invest in hiring more employees.


My goal is to help you thrive as an entrepreneur.

I’m tired of hearing about entrepreneurs struggling to make their businesses successful.

Struggle is eliminated by having a strategy in place focused on success.

You want your business to grow into a successful company, and we’re here to help you accomplish that goal.

Your business will not grow through hope and wishes.

Growth occurs from working both hard and smart.

Are you ready to experience exponential business growth?

Read more of our great content and contact me with any questions you have.

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