The 5 Tech Essentials Every Store Needs


When you own a store, you can often feel like the onus is on everything physical. After all, your store is a physical place, your products are tangible, and you are too. But, a store that is behind the times with tech is a store that will stay behind the times in business. Fact! You don’t have to be a complete tech-head to get your store up to scratch. But, if you want to focus on business growth and make your job easier, technology is essential. So, to figure out exactly what your store needs, here are some options to consider.



This first one is definitely going to ease you in gently, and it’s likely to be something that you’ve either considered in the past or even already want, but you’ve just not got around to arranging it yet. CCTV can be a huge essential for any store. If you want to stay safe, know that your business is protected should there be an incident, and be able to prevent break-ins or theft, getting some CCTV technology installed is a must.


Payment Options


Next, you’re going to want to consider the payment options that you offer. It’s a no-brainer that you accept cash, as it’s the classic, but do you take credit cards? It may not seem like it, but credit card processing can be super easy to set up. Plus, now that so many banks and consumers are all going contactless, you may want to upgrade the systems you have so that your customers can shop with you easily.


Loyalty Program


Going one step further, you may also want to consider setting up a loyalty program in your store. This can be a great way to give back to your customers, encourage them to keep shopping with you and gather data on their shopping habits to help you make informed business decisions too. To do this, you are going to need to set up customer loyalty software. But don’t worry, you can definitely get some user-friendly options that are easy to operate.




Closely related to that is the idea of having some form of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in your store. When you have some way of tracking your customers’ purchases (which is done via a CRM system), you can promote your products to them in a more targeted way. Plus, you could also make recommendations for them based on what they like, and even keep team it up with your loyalty program to make both more effective.




Then there’s that small matter of your stock to tick off. It’s not always that easy to be able to manage the items that you have on a regular basis, let alone when you get more deliveries or have to carry out a stocktake. So, forget pen and paper and invest in the right tech instead. You can get some great handheld device options that can be connected up to your computer to make sure that you know what stock you have at all times. It may also help you to figure out when to order more of certain items should you be close to selling out.

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