6 Degrees of Separation…Is it Real?

6 degrees
Recently I have been doing a lot of networking, following up and reaching out to people. The goal of doing so is to get connected to the right people, spread my vision and mission and in turn create new business relationships. The purpose of networking is to pursue opportunities which may exist for you that you have not realized at the moment. There is someone out there who can help elevate your business to the next level but that cannot be realized if you do not go out and seek these connections.

The world is shrinking due to the rapid increase in connectivity. The internet has caused people to be able to connect from one point of the world to a far distance point across the world. Add in social media and that connectivity has become even more rapid and accessible. It has become so easy to interact and form relationships with people even without meeting them face to face. And you never know when the person you know, knows the next person you know or the person you want to know.

I have people in Africa contacting me in order to help them with pursuing entrepreneurship. When I check my blog stats I have readers all across the world reading the information I produce. On Twitter I have interaction with entrepreneurs all over the world just to start a conversation and pick their brains. It is easier than ever to get noticed by people and form relationships through the bond of the same interest shared with one another.

Another example is my mom. She does taxes and has many clients. One day she was stopped by a man in my neighborhood and they got to talking. Fast forward the man noticed a number or something in my mom’s phone and made the connection that she does his son’s taxes. Who would have thought that chance meeting would happen but it does happen because our degrees of separation are becoming increasingly small. In a city like Atlanta if you want to get in contact with someone, you might not know them personally but I bet someone in your network knows them or knows someone who knows them. That is why they say your network and the people within it are important.

When I go to networking events I hear people talk about who they know and the circle they are in. Are some bragging…sure. But what matters is that you have the opportunity to form a connection with someone who can introduce you to the person you really need in your network of contacts. Don’t ever think it is impossible to meet that person you desperately want to meet. The saying the world is your playing field is not a false statement. If you are eager and persistent, what you want and the people you need are 2-6 people within your reach.

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