What is Entrepreneurial Ambitions?
Were you told to play it safe, get an education, get a good job, and you would be rewarded with a good life?
How has this average life been working for you?

Are you tired of merely existing in life, and instead want to truly live and experience what life has to offer?

Are you interested in becoming an entrepreneur, but are not sure if you have the ability to think and operate as an entrepreneur?

Are you tired of denying your dreams of entrepreneurship due to your fear of risk and failure?

Do you have ambitions of entrepreneurship that burn deep within you and can no longer be ignored?

You must act upon your desires to become an entrepreneur!

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, you need to join the Entrepreneurial Ambition’s movement!

Entrepreneurial Ambitions is a movement that was created to inspire YOU to take hold of your vision of success and make it a reality! This is movement for people who know what they want in life and aggressively go after that vision – through the act of entrepreneurship. The goal of Entrepreneurial Ambitions is to make entrepreneur success a reality for YOU!

Entrepreneurial Ambitions is a movement for the innovative entrepreneur, the hungry business owner, the enterprising hustler, the person who wants to become an entrepreneur. If you demand more for yourself than just average, and want to understand how to become a successful entrepreneur – you are welcome to join the growing movement of Entrepreneurial Ambitions!


Why Did You Choose to Become an Entrepreneur?

Your desire to be your own boss and control your financial earning power is what drove you to become an entrepreneur.

You might have had a great idea about a product or service and decided to pursue the path of entrepreneurship.

Whatever was your motivating factor that pushed you into entrepreneurship, you made the jump into its deep waters.

The question we want to ask, Are you currently sinking, swimming or on board a yacht?

If you are experiencing tough challenges, we are here to help you.

If you are in need of growth strategies or a source of innovation, we are here to help you.

Our goal is to make you a better entrepreneur, who is operating a successful, thriving business.

If you have any questions or suggestions please fill out the form below.

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  1. Very inspirational website! I have recently taken the plunge into the entrepreneurial journey myself. I wasnt confident enough in my low twenties but feel now at age 30 I have enough experience and knowledge to drive forward. Keep up the good work : )


    • I appreciate your encouraging words. Being an entrepreneur is a challenging task but in these difficult times we need more creative, assertive minds to step up to the challenge. Hope all goes well on your entrepreneurial journey.

    • Yes subscription to the blog is free. It is about aspiring entrepreneurs to think, develop and succeed which is greatly needed in the world today. So feel free to subscribe and tell others about entrepreneurialambitions.com.

  2. Just stumbled upon! Great work no doubt! I have taken the plunge myself or more like have no other choice. Hopefully the journey stays fruitfull and the same to you too. Good luck and God Bless.

    • I appreciate that and I understand what you mean by no choice. This world is revolving quickly into a society that will be highly favorable for those who can innovate and create opportunity for those around them. Entrepreneurship is what will recreate the job structure and reenergize the job creation engine.

  3. Yura, I am completely impressed with your blog! First, it satisfies my fixation on entrepreneurship and wealth building, and secondly, it is as entertaining as it is informative! I hope your monetization practices are proving to be lucrative! If not, message me! You should be making serious income with this great blog!

    by the way – I learned about your through one of your posts on Facebook.

    • I appreciate the feedback and hope this blog satisfies your interest in entrepreneurship and wealth creation. Just starting to move towards monetization practices in order to satisfy the larger scale initiatives of Entrepreneurial Ambitions, so yes I am interested in hearing your input. Look forward to more great post to come along and for a worldwide movement to be produced in due time.

      • Re monetization, I invite you to take a good look at another blogging platform. You can use your same domain name, but you’ll find it easier to use, and a slam-dunk to monetize. I’m sending you to an opt-in video so don’t be put off. It will be 33 minutes of worthwhile and informative, if not entertaining presentation on a blogging system that is providing success to thousands in the online marketing industry. Here is the link: http:new.bloggingbuildsbrand.com

        Let me know what you think!

        btw – I’m not sure why I’m only just now seeing your reply! Forgive the long-time coming response! Blessings!