Ads Aren’t Enough: Make A Show Of The Business

The brand of the business is essential to its success. It’s the story that goes along with the products and services, that makes your customers really want them. Branding is a multi-pronged strategy, too. It’s about marketing, about your website, about the PR opportunities you take advantage of. But sometimes it’s also about making an appearance in the flesh. Whether it’s in your offices or out in the world. It’s time to look at three opportunities to make a real appearance in the world that should fit more often into your branding calendar.


Open up the doors

It’s not so much an event, but letting clients and partners into your offices more often can do a great deal for you. It’s true that when having first meetings with clients, you should choose a location that’s more convenient for them. But when you’re in an on-going professional relationship with someone, sometimes it’s good to offer a little proof that you are the well-honed outfit you claim to be. Welcoming guests into the workplace also allows you more opportunities to demonstrate some hospitality and show off the team and the positive work environment they share. You can leave existing clients with the kind of impression that cements them into long-term brand loyalists.

Make your mark

There’s one aspect of running a business that an owner can never forget: you’re likely not the only option on the market. You have competition, and those who are on the ball will take every opportunity to show their brand where you don’t. One blind spot a lot of companies leave open is that of the trade show. As Smart Insights shows, it’s not too difficult to put together an exhibition for a trade show. It’s another method of finding leads and gauging interest, yes. But it also gives your business a physical presence amongst the other big players in the industry. It solidifies your position and offers more validity, more proof that you are what you say you are, especially if your business is mostly done online.


Do it yourself

You don’t have to wait for trade shows and other networking opportunities to get out there, either. Many companies can benefit from holding their own conferences. If your business evolves every year and has a long list of existing clients and customers, then a conference can be your big opportunity to relaunch the business, keep it fresh, and create a huge buzz about updates and upgrades to the service or new products. You create your very own PR opportunity, too. As you grow overseas, teams like Sourceme can help you spread the conference’s international appeal, as well. Even if you don’t take it public, conferences can also be great ways to bring teams from different locations together. It gives you the chance to unify the different parts of the brand and build some camaraderie between people who don’t see one another often.

Real appearances offer the chance to prove your validity as a business, to put faces to names, and to show off the machine running behind the scenes. It often puts you right in front of those most likely to become your clients and customers, too. That’s more than enough reason to free more time up in your year.

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