Are You a Competitor or Attentive Bystander?

Are you the person who constantly complains about how ineffective and low quality your competitors are; or are you the person who seeks out the challenge to out do your competitors? It is common to hear people consistently offer up opinions about how and what should be done, but people who actually put their thoughts into action are in a small percentile. I point this out because it illustrates those who are successful and those who fit into the category of simply average. As an entrepreneur or business owner though; you do not have the option to just sit back and watch idly as your competition gains significant market share and positioning. You have to be in the forefront of the competitive environment or else become destined to remain an afterthought.

When you examine the many aspects of human behavior and interaction, competition is an essential component in our various interactions. Competition is found in schools, workplaces, social outlets and within our consumption patterns. Almost everywhere you turn you are competing with one or more person who has a shared need or want as your own. In order to come out as the victor you each conceive your own strategies on how to gain the upper hand on one another and diminish one another’s chances of succeeding. Although not exactly the same intense thought process comes with each circumstance, it portrays the competitive nature of human beings. Competition centers around our need to survive and at its most extreme context our need to be seen as more successful and worthy than others.

By recognizing the inevitable presence of competition, you better prepare yourself to create distinction from your counterparts. Entrepreneurship and small business ownership are two of the most competitive journeys an individual can be involved in. The competitive factor in these areas are so intensified that it can sometimes entirely consume your thought process or tend to freeze some people in their places. In business being stupefied by the competition equates to being uneducated about the competition. Uneducated individuals tend to make excuses about why they are in the position they are in and how much better they are than their competitors. In actuality it boils down to the fact that your competitors are movers and shakers and you are a doubtful naysayer. The frustrations of your continued average position in your mind should be pointed to everything but yourself. That type of attitude directly correlates to your failure to take charge because you refuse to acknowledge your own shortcomings. This failure to recognize your own inconsistencies equates to your inability to be truly competitive.

Recognizing our need to be better is what makes some of us more capable competitors than others. The insistent need to be a few steps ahead in a competitive world drives a small percentage of individuals to become exceptional competitors; while many partake with commentary from the sidelines. Those of us who stay hungry and in a competitive mindset continue along the quest to consume as much success as possible because we know our competitors have the same mindset. Once lost in the competitive nature of business, you become a non factor that eventually succumbs to your competitors’ strategic tactics. Competition cannot be avoided and should not be avoided; it is your option rather you choose to master the game or gently walk the sidelines.

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