Are You Getting Shit Done?!

Half of 2015 is gone, never to be lived again. Can you believe that? 6 months have quickly gone by only leaving us with 6 months left in this year to operate within. As 2015 is quickly coming to be known as the past, I have one specific question to ask of you. Are you getting shit done?!

This is a question I ask because many people claim they want success but put off the activities that produce success to be done the next day.

Guess what though?

That day you let pass by is now gone for good, never to return again. And this continued behavior of putting things off turns into an habitual cycle of procrastination. And inevitably, the year goes by with you accomplishing nothing but walking within the long-lasting stench of bullshit that you have attached to yourself.

When you claim to be an ambitious entrepreneur, what you are proclaiming is that you always find a way to get shit done. Despite the challenges that arise, your determination and resourcefulness places you in the position to achieve what you have set out to do. This is because no excuses are allowed. Only allowed is the mindset that produces the actions to move you further along your sought after mission.

But instead of continued talking, I’m going to give you a guideline on how you get shit done!

1. Speak it into Existence When You Wake Up.
The first thing on your mind when you awake from your sleep is how you are going to accomplish a new task that is complementary to your overall goal. This puts your mind into a mode of doing rather than wondering what to do. Jumpstart your day by having your mind immediately focused on making power moves throughout the day.

2. Immerse Yourself Within it.
Make your objective at hand your lifestyle. Whatever you desire to achieve should be an embodiment of the actions you walk within. Almost everything you do should be directed towards you getting the necessary shit done to produce the intended outcome you seek.

3. Eliminate all Distractions.
You can’t get shit done if you constantly allow bullshit to exist within your atmosphere. Brutally wipe out anything that does not help towards you accomplishing your designated purpose. Time is extremely valuable and distractions eat away at your limited time with relentless hunger.

4. Visualize the End-Game.
The best way to get shit done is to constantly visualize the results of your hard work being rewarded. What you desire should be a constant reminder that eats away at your thoughts. This forces you to go harder and harder, doing what you need to do to live the life you desire to produce.

No need to talk any further about the subject. Get off your ass and get shit done!


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