Are You Proud Of Your Image?



We all have an image. In life and business, it’s just something that exists. Whether you’ve paid yours much attention in the past, it’s time to wake up and see what the power of image could mean to your business. Even if you have a business direction in mind for your company, you could be seen by others in an entirely different way. So, first, you’re going to want to work out what your current image says about it, to then work on utilizing it to benefit your business.

What Is Brand Image?


Brand image is the look, feel, or personality of your brand. Just like people tend to make quick judgments on others based on their image, they do it with businesses too. For example, McDonald’s is seen as being a cheap and convenient provider of fast foods, whereas Jaguar makes expensive and exclusive luxury cars. But, how do you know that unless you’re a firm buyer of their products? From their image of course.


How Can You Control It?


Unfortunately, in some circumstances, a certain brand image isn’t always what a business wants. For example, McDonald’s may want to steer away from the unhealthy angle they have always been known for like they have started to do in recent years. However, there are ways to control your brand image. The rise of social media helps with this, meaning we can communicate to our customers and take on valuable feedback that can help us to make changes to our branding and image.


How Do Others See You?


Now that you know a little more about how it all works, you’re going to want to look at your brand image. You can conduct research, or ask your customers what they think about you when they shop, in newsletters or on social media to help you with this. When you start to find out what people think, you’ll be able to form an image of your brand as they see you. Then, it’s time to take action, harness your reputation management abilities and do what you can do change it if you need to.


Why Is It Important?


At this point, you might be wondering why all of this matters. But, before you write it off, it’s important that you realize that branding and image can affect how your customers see you too. So, before you think about trying to attract new clients, you might want to make sure that your brand image is the best it can be. You could find that your branding is deterring interest in your customers, which could potentially damage your businesses future.


So, Are Your Happy With Yours?


When you’ve taken everything in, it’s time to analyze how you feel about your brand image. What does it say about your business? Is it positive? Is it driving enough custom? Once you’ve seen yourself through the eyes of others, you’re in the perfect position to start making positive changes that could improve your business prospects over time.

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