Are You Super Bowl Caliber?


The Super Bowl is undoubtedly the biggest sporting event in American sports. Athletes dream of one day competing in and winning the Super Bowl, cities rejoice at the opportunity to host the Super Bowl and companies spend big money to be promoted during the Super Bowl. Besides being an exhibition of the 2 best teams in the National Football League, it is a huge money generator. The Super Bowl is an event were the best of the best want to participate within and around it and have the opportunity to be associated with the brand. Besides money though the Super Bowl is about football right? So, what does it take for a person/ team to become of Super Bowl caliber?

The NFL is a collective group of talented individuals who are superior athletes. That means to make it to the final game, two teams must distinguish themselves from the other 30 teams who are in contention for the same aspirations. That is a very tough challenge, that drains you physically, emotionally and mentally. Through it all though you must remain composed and steer clear ahead towards the ultimate goal. As you watched the Super Bowl did you wonder about your own entrepreneurial endeavors or business organization? If so, can you positively, without a doubt say you are performing at a Super Bowl level? If the answer is no then you already know you have a lot of work to do in order to reach the heights of championship stature.

In the competitive consumer/business marketplace we are all competing for market share. Throughout this steady competition there are those who separate themselves from the rest by doing things a little better. Were others slack they remain consistent, they understand that the little things count. Under pressure and during crunch time they are ice-cold, too cool or better phrased, too focused to be affected by distractions. This is because they put in the hard work and consistent practice in order to make difficult situations appear minute in stature no matter how challenging the circumstance. In order to be of Super Bowl caliber you have to perform on a championship level day in and day out. No if, ands or buts can be used as a means to slack off or underperform. Those who are of Super Bowl caliber know such excuses are just weaknesses you choose to let control your actions.

Are you performing at a Super Bowl level? In the world we live in and operate in today, performing on an in-between level is no longer sufficient nor possible. Either you continuously operate and perform at a high level or do the complete opposite and produce meager results in return. We all say we want to be successful but what are we actually doing in order to walk within that wanted path? You have to stop talking about it and just be about it. Champions are not born, they are made so it is up to you to make yourself an entrepreneur, business leader or professional of Super Bowl caliber.

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