Aspects of the Job that Every Tradesperson Should Insure

When you have a trade, chances are that you’re self-employed. This means that you are likely to be in charge of all of your own insurance policies. You may think that you can count on luck to get you by, but failure to sign up to effective insurance packages can result in your paying out large amounts of cash, in the long run, should you be unfortunate enough to experience loss, accidental damage, theft or other forms of personal injury. So, here are a few aspects of the job that you might like to consider taking a policy out on.

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Mobile Phone Cover


When you’re self-employed, you need your phone nearby at all times. But can it really withstand a fall from a roof, a blow from a hammer or being dropped into a puddle caused by a leaky pipe? You can invest in hard cases and be as careful as you please, disaster is bound to strike such a feeble piece of technology at some point. So make sure you have a good insurance policy with a low excess that will bring you a new device as soon as possible if something were to happen to your current one.

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Tool Insurance


A bad tradesperson doesn’t only blame their tools for their own shortcomings, but they also forget to insure them! Needless to say, you won’t be completing any jobs fast without the proper tools. These are often expensive and a large investment, but this also means that they are a hot target for potential thieves. As time goes on and you accumulate increasing numbers of items to help with your trade and business progression, you can end up with a small fortune’s worth of equipment. All it takes is the wrong person breaking into your store to take all of this away in minutes. Needless to say, tradesmen need to ensure they have effective tools insurance. This will greatly soften the blow of any theft should it occur. A good policy will replace any losses of insured goods that you experience. When choosing a policy, take your time and make sure that you read through all of the terms and conditions. Different policies will cover different items, values and conditions. Be aware of any restrictions that your chosen policy may have and proof that you may have to provide to make a claim (some will require proof of forced entry to a property or vehicle to pay up). Check whether the company will replace new for old or whether depreciation will be applied in payouts. You should also know whether you are covered for accidental damage or loss.


Life Insurance


It may be a grim topic, but it’s something that you need to bear in mind: many trade jobs can be potentially dangerous, if not life threatening. This applies to anyone of any profession, but in trade jobs, sometimes all it takes is one slip and the worst happens. So, make sure that you have a good life insurance policy to ensure that your loved ones are covered should things take a wrong turn. There are numerous policies available, so there’s bound to be something that will suit your budget down to a tee.


Insuring these things will give you peace of mind while you’re out on the job and when you get your head down for rest at night. You’re covered!

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