How to Become an Authority

What is your ultimate goal as an entrepreneur?

You might say to provide your customers with the best products or services that solve their problems.

That’s a great answer and I applaud your commitment towards being an excellent provider for your customers.

But, what is your end-goal for providing value to your customers?

You want to make money. Not just a small amount of money either. You want to create wealth!

There are many individuals earning large incomes through Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Udemy, and other platforms that place them directly in front of their target audience.

How are they achieving these massive results?

By positioning themselves as an authority!

Authority means the power or right to give orders.

A person’s authority is recognized based on the experience that they possess and the results they have produced.

Based on this criteria, the thousands of people labeling themselves as an authority are deceiving themselves and the public.

Why do so many people participate in this deception?

Because the benefits of being known as an authority in your industry are tremendous!

The Benefits of Being an Authority

Being an authority means you are highly sought after by those who want to benefit from the knowledge you provide.

Your success is recognized by people who want you to teach them how to create the successful lifestyle that you have achieved.

This creates opportunities for you that the average person wishes they could experience.

Your status increases your demand! Opportunities come to you that produce substantial financial rewards.

This is why authorities are always working to remain visible — they do not want the experiences produced from success to end.

What are the benefits that they enjoy?

Boosted Sales

When you offer products and services that can help people produce better results they will purchase your offer without hesitation.

This is why authorities are always creating new online courses, writing e-books, and developing other products that their customers would love to purchase.

Their status as an expert provides them with the ability to sell their products and services with ease because they continue to demonstrate their value to their audience.

While an unknown person is struggling to sell 10 items of their latest product, an authority sells out of their latest product almost as soon as it is released.

They are making no less than $10K per month, so anything less than 6 figures per year is a very bad year.

This rarely happens though, because consistent sales are their main focus, only being second to providing consistent value.

Money is being made while they sleep, when they are on vacation, and during the development phase a new product to sell.

They become a magnet for money by developing the income generating activities that create high volume sales activity.

Business and Brand Domination

Do you want to learn how to take control of your life? You would turn to Tony Robbins.

Need an SEO specialist who will exponentially increase your website’s visibility? Then you want Neil Patel.

Learning how to master sales? Then Grant Cardone is who comes to mind.

The individuals who position themselves as the leading authority in their industry enjoy the benefit of being the face of their industry.

By establishing this position, your advice is what people, even other experts in your industry, adhere to before making a decision.

It can be very hard to become the face of your industry when someone else has a strong dominating hold on it already.

This does not mean that you cannot carve out your own lane and develop your own passionate following.

A passionate and loyal group of followers will help to further build your authority — attracting more supporters to your brand.

Attract Quality Clients

Would you rather have to hustle hard for 20 clients just to make $5K, or would you much rather make that same amount with one client?

Of course, you would much rather make that amount of money with one client.

Now imagine having 4 other clients who pay you that same amount of money per month.

You’re making $25k per month, which is $300k per year.

Not bad for just having just 5 clients that you serve.

When you are an authority you don’t have to accept low-paying clients just to be able to eat the next day.

Authority communicates value, so people understand they have to pay your worth.

You don’t have to convince people to work with you. They are desperate to work with you so that you can take them to the next level.

Bigger Opportunities Come to You

It can be frustrating writing on your blog that can barely gain 100 visitors during the entire week.

An authority, on the other hand, is always receiving tons of exposure.

They are invited to appear on TV, to be interviewed on radio shows, to speak at conferences, and to write articles for influential magazines.

Being an authority allows you to exponentially expand your brand because you are always given the opportunity to be exposed to a new audience.

The people who see you on these different platforms search for you on Google to learn more about you.

When they finally contact you, they’re a very hot lead who is ready to be converted into a customer.

Develop Multiple Streams of Income

One stream of income is a missed paycheck away from being broke.

If you only have one stream of income you are not in the position to produce real financial freedom.

Authorities use their status to create multiple streams of income.

Money is constantly flowing into their accounts.

If one income stream dries up momentarily, their other streams are still flowing with money.

This is why authorities write books, create online courses and training, offer coaching sessions, and speak at events.

Their money generation is almost on auto-pilot.

They just do their work, sit back, and collect the money for the value they provide.

How to Become an Authority

As you can see, the benefits of being an authority are tremendous.

You gain more exposure, more opportunities, and more money.

You’re anxious to learn how you can become an authority.

The good news is that you can also become an authority and experience the same benefits.

You just have to be willing to work hard and smart.

The following strategy is what you should use to become an authority.

Create a Mission

What is the impact you make in other people’s lives?

Anybody can be a speaker, strategist, author, or coach.

These are just labels individuals attach to themselves to communicate what they do.

Authorities do not define themselves by a title or their skills.

Their value is based on how they improve the lives of other people.

If you want to be recognized as an authority, you need to create a massive mission that not only inspires you but inspires others.

Determine how your mission will work to drastically change the lives of other people.

Communicate your vision and goals to the public.

People will attach themselves to your mission because they’re enthusiastic about the passion you possess to help others become successful.

Don’t approach being an authority as a profession.

Operate as a leader who is leading a team to victory and your recognition will grow.

Provide Results Instead of Talking

It’s easy to say you’re an authority but where’s your proof?

Creating 500-word max blog post, tweeting your opinions, and attending 10 networking events a week does not make you an authority.

Your ability to correct your customer’s problems with an effective solution is what makes you an authority.

Constantly show how much you know about your industry.

Write blog content that goes in depth about an issue, write an e-book, create an online training course.

The information you provide should be able to be implemented by your clients to produce great results.

When this occurs they tell their families and friends about what you helped them achieve.

As word spreads about your expertise, your reputation grows, and your authority is solidified.

You no longer have to convince people you are an authority.

They come to you because they recognize you possess the ability to make them better.

Make Your Customers Your #1 Marketing Team

You say that you’re the greatest marketing strategist that ever lived.


So who else backs up your claim?

If you do not have customers who are preaching about how great you are, then you are not really worth the praise you give yourself.

Enthusiastic customers help build your authoritative status by constantly communicating the results you produce.

They are tweeting about you, writing on Facebook about you, and recommending you on LinkedIn.

Their praise makes other people interested in getting the same results.

This is because word-of-mouth marketing is the best type of marketing.

A customer’s praise is validation that you are a real authority and not some self-proclaimed expert who is really scam artist

Create the Conversation

Many people claiming to be an authority try to attach themselves to an established conversation started by a recognized authority.

Their goal is to demonstrate their knowledge in order to attract followers of the conversation to them.

How many other people do you think are following this same strategy?

Instead of trying to bring a conversation to you, you need to start the conversation.

Make strong statements that are backed up with facts.

Challenge the staus-quo to get people to start thinking.

Become the thought-leader who has independent thoughts that are based on providing better results to your target market.

With consistency and great messaging, people will begin to take notice when you speak.

Assume Your Authority

Where was it stated that you must wait 10 years before you are recognized as an authority?

That’s the thinking of a worker and not a leader.

If you are one the best then work hard to be recognized as the best within 2-3 years.

This means you will have to put out consistent content that is great, align yourself with other authorities, and produce massive results.

This hard work is worth it though when you are among the top of your industry and earn an income that matches the value you provide.

Don’t limit yourself.

If you truly believe in yourself then set BIG goals to be reached, instead of just settling for what you can get.

Authorities are sharks who are always on the hunt for the prize.

They aren’t waiting for someone else to feed them or to give them permission to eat.

Position Yourself as an Authority

Take the steps provided in this blog post and implement them into your strategy.

If you remain consistent in providing value to your customers, you will position yourself as an authority fairly quickly.

When your recognition grows, the money you earn grows along with your status.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to get paid for providing value to people.

Just make sure that your audience comes first, and not the chase for the money.

Becoming an authority requires consistent action and some patience to allow for your action to gain momentum.

Once you gain authority status though, all your hard work will be worth the effort you put forth.


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