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Black America is in turmoil when compared to almost every other race within the United States. Besides the Native Americans we are the most impoverished group of people and have the lowest opportunity to achieve success within the United States. I know there are more poor whites than poor blacks but I’m speaking in comparative terms of other races. The image of us is skewed to project a horrible, negative perception about us amongst people across the world and we seem to embrace these perceptions and stereotypes by perpetuating them. In terms of social mobility and a better future, that seems to be none existent when you examine the attitudes and behaviors of most African-Americans. We tend to let our negative surroundings and the perceived perception of our race bring us down to a lower state of acceptance and are okay with the little that is offered to us.

Let me state that I’m not speaking in terms of all, just voicing my opinion on what seems to be the majority. Great amounts of our people seem to have been brainwashed with the belief that success and wealth come without hard work or by promoting foolish antics. There seems to be no united competitive drive with our race as can be seen within the Asian race or other races who are minorities within the United States. As people who were forced here and built this country great wealth, why are we not further elevated in status and prospering from our past hardships? Maybe because many of us cannot internalize that intense pain and struggle and do not realize how fortunate we are to have the opportunities we currently have. As a race, our people should have just as much authority as our Caucasian counterparts. Yes, I know we are still discriminated against in the job market and justice system but as a united force we can surely overcome these obstacles. The amount of time and money we put into frivolous things and possessions can be allocated towards strategic community building and long-term investments.

But this is just me rambling about some of the things I have witnessed over the years and am seeing on a continual basis. I rant because I want to see my people thrive and be seen in more authoritative and important positions across all avenues of influence. But the attitudes and efforts I am currently seeing make that a hard vision to realize. We need more accountability and leaders that can guide those who are searching for the opportunity to grow but this is something that has been repeated constantly throughout time. So it leaves the question of how do we pick up were the Civil Rights movement left off. We have the rights that were fought so hard for but seem to have squandered the collective power and unity that the movement had. A few of our people achieving greatness and success does not cure these lingering social ills if the majority are still lost within struggle. This is a topic I will continuously speak on and try to provide my insight on what I believe can be solutions to these problems.


  1. Cecelia V. Phillips Hall said:

    Bravo Yura. I concur on several points. Don’t leave out self-victimization. We blacks are always seeing ourselves as the victim of something or some one. Like you I want to see my black counterparts rise instead of fall. I want to see us self-respect and then in turn expect respect from others. Before Jesus left the earth He left only two commandments wihich would fulfill the 10 the Lord created in the Old Covenant. He said, “Love your self.” and “Love the Lord your God wiiht all your heart, and all your soul.” He didn’;t focus on making others love you but love you and love Him and that begats the other or others. You see black people, like many others, want to obtain or possess something for nothing . It just so happen that many of the others just simply had some ancestors that had something and it just kept getting passed down. But you know God wants us to give and then thangs gon’ be given to us. He want you and me to give love and we will reap love. He want me and you to reap godliness and we will reap godliness. He want me and you to not sow infidelity and so we can reap purity. Of all races, it is the black family that is the leader in keeping immorality alive in the family unit. When do we stop embracing this black culture rappers, politicians (Obama, he will save us people), celebrities, and immoral black leaders, especially in the church of the Living God.
    I believe like the Jews, the Blacks are a chosen people. I believe they are just like the Word say, “The first shall be last in heaven, and the last on earth shall be first in heaven.” See Black people need to take this position they are in as an opportunity to take God at His Word. And here’s a news flash to all you readers, “There is NO greatness apart from God.” If we are after what they have or what we think they are, we are no better than their racist, deceived, desolate, gluttonous, dispositions. We are no better if we want what they have. DON’T BLACKS KNOW IF GOD IS FOR THEM, NO ONE CAN BE AGAINST THEM AND TRIUMPH! Oooops, maybe sometimes God might not be with us then. Oh God forbid that! Well, that isn’t possible is it ? Babee, we all better go before the Lord and hear the Lord your God. .. For He says, “My sheep hear my voice and the voice of a stranger they do not follow.

    Perhaps like you Yura and many others, I better check myself. Sometimes we in the predicament we in because we are stiff necked and disobedient. Some times we blacks say we are entitled to ADC. we entitled to Medicaid and Welfare, We entitled to this and we entitled to that. Well, wake up Black America, cause your God says, ” If you don’t work, you don’t eat.” And in the book of Genesis chapter one the LORD himself worked 6 (six) days and rested on the seventh. So you see, even God has a work ethic. And finally the LOrd say, “A servant is no greater than this Lord.” So if our God worked, well we are to emulate that in our lives. If our Lord obeyed,we are to obey.
    DEAR BLACK MEN AND WOMEN; Jesus is your Way, your Truth, and your Light. We should find out more about the role WE play as Christ returns in the 21st centtury. More to come.

    February 23, 2011
    • Yura Bryant said:

      I’m very late in replying but yes it is well overdue for us as a people to wake up. But you can only wonder how long or if ever that day will come in a collective effort.

      April 22, 2011
  2. Nicholas Bryant said:

    This is so true and I’m further exploring this in the book I’m writing From Nothing to Something: The Possibilites of Black America and how we could move much further and up and beyond if we work together.But due to the fact that so many of us blacks have this mentality that Black America can never work together and be succesful is one of the main reasons us blacks continue to downfall and “fail.” And this has been going down by generation and it has fallen to rock bottom on the generation they call the “Lost Generation” but its been on the downfall due to prior generations mistakes and downfalls and it shouldn’t be that way. Old folks always so we don’t understand the struggle they went through and that is true we don’t personally understand because we were not there to experience it but we do understand to extent what they had to go through and what they fought for. It is not that we do not understand the struugle it is jsut that most of us don not appreciate and respect the struggle. I will further go in to this topic in my book great topic and a much needed topic that needs to be talked about.

    May 20, 2011

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