From Bland Branding To Outstanding Branding

In an ever-competitive world of business, the seemingly straightforward goal of “standing out” from the crowd of competitors becomes far less simple when attempted in practice. There are just too many imitators out there if you’re a company which has yet to invent the next best product on the market, and there’s no way to differentiate yourself from the dozens or hundreds of similar businesses within your industry. This is the line of thought many business owners adopt, but it simply isn’t true.


You don’t need to invent the next best product on the market in order to be a successful business. If you have an innovative product idea then that’s great, but it isn’t the cornerstone of success. Many companies have found a gap in the market and risen above their competitors because of positive attributes other than the services or goods they offered. At the end of the day, it all comes down to your branding and marketing technique. If you wondering how your brand could go from bland to outstanding then here are some helpful pieces of advice.

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Be genuine.

The key to a successful brand is a genuine brand. So many companies promise the earth and end up damaging their reputation when they can’t deliver. If you want your business to offer bigger and better things in its marketing campaign then you need to strive to actually deliver bigger and better things. This goes both ways, as you can find new ways to entice customers within your branding and marketing every time your business finds a better or cheaper way of offering a certain service or product.


You should see it as a challenge. If you want something bold on your next billboard or online advertising approach then you need to brainstorm some bold ideas. It’s easier to achieve than you might think. Treat your employees well by giving them perks such as a pool table in the break room or long lunch breaks and that good mood will wear off on your customers. Excellent service starts with putting in some extra effort.


Portray your product well.

The product itself is still vitally important, of course, even if competitors within your industry are offering the same or similar things. You could look into e-commerce photography if you want to capture a range of your company’s products in a professional light. Consumers care about the quality of what they’re buying, but presentation is key when it comes to capturing somebody’s eye and drawing them towards your brand or product in the first place.

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Environmental understanding.

A good brand is a kind brand, and customers really click well with businesses which show a human heart and a moral compass. Demonstrating that you’re an environmentally conscious business could do wonders for your company’s brand, and it could also do wonders for your company’s bank account. Supporting environmental causes is one thing but even turning off lights and insulating walls in the offices could massively reduce energy bills whilst wasting fewer precious resources in the process.

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