Does My Boss Care About Me? Of Course!



Employees play such a big role in the company that it’s imperative to keep them happy. Otherwise, their output will begin to lower, and the entire firm will suffer. Keeping them happy is easier said than done, though. The tiniest things can set them off, like not getting enough love. Yep, a perceived lack of affection from the boss (you) can turn their world upside down. Obviously, you need to show them that you care, but it might not be at the top of your to-do list for the day. The trick is to use these little tips to gain traction and leave them in no doubt.

Give Them More


Every company sets out a benefits package at the beginning of a contract. And, they usually stick to it until the death. From an economic standpoint, it’s a good move. However, from a morale point of view, it’s a mistake. Employees value money a lot, especially if they don’t have much of it in the first place. So, by giving them a little bit extra, it will enhance their life outside of the office. A good work/life balance is integral to maintain motivation and enjoyment levels. The problem you will face is the expectation levels when they receive a bonus. Plenty of workers assume they will get it every year, but that shouldn’t be the case. A bonus is a gift, so they should only get one if they deserve it.



Show Your Softer Side


Workers assume that the boss is a jackass with a black heart. They think that because you have to make harsh decisions for the good of the firm. Plus, you don’t have a chummy relationship, so you can’t correct their judgment. What you can do is show them that you are human from time to time. Being flexible with work hours or having a conversation might seem like small mercies, but they go a long way with employees. It allows them to see that you are just like them, only you have a bit more responsibility. The next time you make a decision, they will hopefully be able to see things from your perspective. Instead of saying ‘that person is a monster,’ they could say ‘they’re not so bad.’


Throw A Party


There is no better way to show your softer side than to throw a party. Parties are an informal excuse to drink beer and have a good time. And, as long as you leave work behind, they are fun for all the office. All it takes is a corporate event venue with all the trimmings for you can get to know your workers better. The key is not to try too hard. Regardless of the environment, they will always know that you are the boss. But, they should open up a bit more after a few cocktails and a game of bowling. If networking isn’t your thing, throw one anyway. Parties are good for morale, and morale is what keeps the workforce operating at a high level.



Let Them Be The Boss


Okay, so you’re never going to give them full control. After all, you have the position for a reason. Still, that doesn’t mean that you can’t provide them with more chances to gain your trust. Allowing them to make decisions, no matter how small, is empowering. Not only does it make them feel good, but it also reflects positively on the person in charge. You’re the one that thinks enough of them to let them be the boss. They might not show it, but employees never forget these kinds of details. Start off with small responsibilities at first and work them up to the big leagues for the best results.


Have Their Backs


They are part of your team, and that means a lot. Sure, you might not be their best friend, and you might not get an invite to the wedding. But, you must have their backs when the time is right. Businesses always harp on about teamwork, yet it seems like they only value it when it suits the company. A great boss understands the importance of teamwork, which is why they step forward in times of need. Even if you think they are in the wrong, it’s important to help them fight their corner. With your position, you have more security. So, a few honest words with your boss won’t hurt your career as much as their career.


Every time you fight with them, they will fight with you and help you achieve your goals.

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