Can Your Business Help Save the World?



As much as some out there would like to deny it, the fact is that human-induced climate change is changing the world for the worse is just that – a fact. Sure, the extent of the damage and the severity of the immediate threat is occasionally exaggerated for various environmental and political reasons. (According to the activists of the nineties, we’re all supposed to be long-dead by now.) But the longer we dance around the fact that we’re damaging the environment, the worse things are going to get.


Thankfully, a lot of businesses have taken these concerns on board. And it’s just as well, as businesses are among the leading causes of environmental damage! So how can your business help protect the environment?

Promote and support green causes


More than ever, green causes such as the World Wide Fund for Nature and Conservation International need assistance in protecting both the Earth and its endangered creatures. So any boost businesses can provide such organizations will not go unnoticed, either by the organizations themselves or by your more green-minded consumers. You can consider donating a portion of your profits to such causes and/or highlighting their work and campaigns on your website and social media.



Improving your products and processes


If you’re working in production, then there are probably a lot of things you can do to help make your business greener. Consider getting an energy audit to find out what areas of the process are seeing the most energy waste. You’ll also want to consider the effect that your end product has on the environment. The packaging is something you should certainly consider. How much material has to be used to create it, what material is used, how biodegradable or recyclable it is, etc. There are usually more environmentally-friendly packaging alternatives, such as a stand-up pouch.


Office advances


Just because the paperless office isn’t quite as paperless as people predicted, it doesn’t mean there aren’t a bunch of improvements you can make that will turn your office into a greener workplace. Consider the utilities, for example. A lot of water and electricity has to be used to house several employees in the same place for eight to ten hours a day, and a lot of garbage will be created, too. There are loads of office-specific ways to help the environment.



Mindful investments and partnerships
It’s not just your own products and processes you need to consider. What about the companies you purchase your utilities, furniture, and other supplies from? What about the businesses with whom you’re partnering up? If these businesses are doing damage to the environment with lackluster green policies (or a lack thereof), then that reflects pretty badly on your own business. It also means you’re indirectly funding things that are damaging the environment, so it’s not just a case of a blemish on your reputation! Make sure you research the policies and practices of any business you’re going to work with, either as a means of getting supplies or as a partnership on a new endeavor.

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