I am not one of those people who says you must go through extreme hardships in order to be considered an entrepreneur. And I am also not one of those people who believes that everyone should be an entrepreneur or can be an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is not some job with set hours and set requirements outlined for you to perform. Entrepreneurship is an ongoing process of actions that you have to continuously develop and properly structure in order to produce the most rewarding output for your efforts. Read More Why Do People Believe Entrepreneurship is Easy?

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Last weekend I had my mind awakened to an unsettling realization. I left the rat race of the J.O.B. (just over broke) to only be in the rat race of entrepreneurship! I was quite shocked and ashamed of myself when I came to this conclusion.

So what is the entrepreneur rat race?

How could someone who speaks about success find themselves actively participating within the entrepreneur rat race?

Well this is a transparent blog and I have no problem sharing the details of my journey, so I will explain. Read More The Entrepreneur Rat Race

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Let’s face it, entrepreneurship can be a challenging/ daunting process of thoughts and actions. You have this grand vision in your mind of what you want to accomplish but you are not quite sure of how exactly you are supposed to bring every thing together. You read blogs, magazines and constantly seek the advice of others but it all only seems to distract your ability to think and do; rather than progressing forward. You inevitably block your ability to do by constantly trying to find out how you are supposed to be an entrepreneur, rather than just assuming risk by taking action as a real entrepreneur does. Read More The Business of Being an Entrepreneur

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During its beginning development, the United States was a country where you had to be strong in order to survive and only the most resourceful and strategic managed to go over and above to succeed. Fast forward to today and you witness that such is not the case in today’s society. Most people in today’s society are mentally and physically weak, dependent on someone else for their survival, lack ambition and fear the risk of feeling failure. Read More Widespread Mediocrity Makes Success Easy to Attain

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Entrepreneurship! The new career path for the future since job security is becoming scarcer as time moves forward. With all this talk about entrepreneurship, you might be wondering; “how exactly do I become an entrepreneur and succeed at entrepreneurship?” Read More The Criteria Needed to Succeed in Entrepreneurship

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One without a purpose, is one who does not understand the importance of truly living a life full of understanding. That is a quote I thought of in my head and one which I find to be very accurate. Without there being a purpose for your life, you have no reason to seek constant improvement nor be ambitious in life. Read More What is Your Purpose in Life?

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Look at the world around you. What do you see? More specifically, look at the people around you in society. What do you see? Most likely you see people racing to keep up with the norms of mainstream society or those who have given up all together and merely exist amongst the immense activity. Either way they are properly functioning in the rat race of life. How so? Because the system of the rat race is designed to keep you racing in the spiraling maze it has set up or completely defeat you and feed off your misery in various other ways. Read More The Rat Race of Life

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