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Wealth and the inequality associated with it in the United States is a very touchy subject when discussed with main street America. Who is main street America? Main street America are those who are considered a part of the “middle class” and those who are considered poor. The rest are considered the wealthy or the 1%. The divide between the two social classes are quite alarming and it seems to only keep widening as the years pass by. Noticed I said the two social classes. This is because the distinction between the middle class and poor is increasingly becoming blurred and only seems to be a short while before there is only the wealthy and the poor. Side note: This is a topic I have discussed in further detail years earlier in a post entitled; The Coming Divide: Where Do You Fall Along the Line. Read More Wealth in the United States Infographic

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community involvement
My business’s success depends on community involvement? Really? I am in business to get paid and provide for myself and my family. Where does a community play a role in any of that? If you think like this, change your mindset immediately because you are doing yourself a disservice. Read More Business Success Depends on Community Involvement

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entrepreneur warehouse
The grand initiative I have recently thought of for Entrepreneurial Ambitions is The Entrepreneur Warehouse. The concept behind The Entrepreneur Warehouse is to create business ownership and job creation in disadvantaged communities. What are disadvantaged communities? These are communities which have negative reputations, have limited economic productivity and are usually ignored by those who don’t live within those neighborhoods. This ongoing limitation in productivity is a major problem in not only the disadvantaged community but also to those which surround it. How so? Because, as these communities suffer, the suffering spreads and frustration and anger are directed towards those who do not identify with the ongoing struggles. Read More The Entrepreneur Warehouse: How it Works

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entrepreneur ecosystem
I previously wrote a blog pot entitled Local Entrepreneurial Development = Economic Productivity. If you haven’t read it I suggest you do. It gives a glimpse of how the entrepreneurial spirit develops in a community. In essence the beginning of an entrepreneurial ecosystem. The entrepreneurial ecosystem? What is that? Read More What is an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem?

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local entrepreneurship
When you look around your community, what do you see? A lot of corporate owned national chains, a few small businesses and a very few mom and pop stores. How do I differentiate between the 3? Corporations have deep pockets and have multiple locations on a national scale. Small businesses are fairly new within the marketplace, with owners who are fairly new to entrepreneurship. Or small businesses can be those businesses which are small in operation and serve a very small percentage of the marketplace they participate within. Mom and pops are usually generational owned local businesses and are a staple within their community. The problem with this picture though, is that the corporate chains have far more power and advantages in local communities. Read More Local Entrepreneurial Development = Economic Productivity

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escaping the matrix
For most, the world which you live within is a world created to keep you subdued and dependent. By this I mean you are given distractions, responsibilities and beliefs which keep you confined to living by a set of restrictive guidelines. You may have or have not seen the movie The Matrix, it gives a perfect illustration of the captivity we are held within. Read More Escaping the Matrix

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