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The Entrepreneur Warehouse: How it Works

entrepreneur warehouse
The grand initiative I have recently thought of for Entrepreneurial Ambitions is The Entrepreneur Warehouse. The concept behind The Entrepreneur Warehouse is to create business ownership and job creation in disadvantaged communities. What are disadvantaged communities? These are communities which have negative reputations, have limited economic productivity and are usually ignored by those who don’t live within those neighborhoods. This ongoing limitation in productivity is a major problem in not only the disadvantaged community but also to those which surround it. How so? Because, as these communities suffer, the suffering spreads and frustration and anger are directed towards those who do not identify with the ongoing struggles. Read the rest of this entry

Rocket Internet & CupoNation Webinar for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Are you curious about how to build an international start-up? Ever thought of how managers launch their start-ups on a global platform and the kind of marketing and business strategies they use for a successful launch? If not, then now is the time to curb your curiosity and indulge yourselves into the exciting world of building successful start-ups. Rocket Internet, the biggest start-up incubators in the world, in association with one of its youngest ventures, CupoNation, is going to host a special event for students and young professionals from Business, Marketing and other co-related fields and help them lay their founding steps into the start-up culture. Read the rest of this entry

Short Motivational Tidbit: Knowledge is Power

When you believe you have all the answers you have failed yourself Read the rest of this entry

Internships: The Rite of Passage for College Students?

It is said that college is the step in the right direction towards the “American Dream”. More recently an extra step has been added within this equation which is meant to accelerate the prospect of living such dream. This added step is called internships and they are meant to educate and prepare eager students for real world work experiences. Sounds great right? Before you quickly reply yes let’s examine how this internship process tends to work for students who are hungry and desperate to succeed. Read the rest of this entry

Why Knowledge is More Beneficial Than Education

Knowledge and education; are they not one in the same? Many will say yes; I on the other hand say no. Lets reference to in order to establish the definition of the two words. Education is defined as: the act or process of imparting or acquiring general knowledge, developing the powers of reasoning and judgement, and generally of preparing oneself or others intellectually for mature life. Knowledge is defined as: acquaintance with facts, truths, or principles, as from study or investigation; general erudition: knowledge of many things. Just by reading over the two definitions it is clear that knowledge goes beyond education. This would then explain as to why so many educated people seem so unknowledgeable about the “real” world. Read the rest of this entry

Putting the Pieces Together

From the previous post, Can I Become an Entrepreneur, we came to the conclusion that entrepreneurship involves putting together various pieces in order to produce the predetermined vision. It is important to highlight the fact about putting various pieces together because many aspiring entrepreneurs believe you can produce a vision in its entirety immediately. This wild belief is what helps create the high rate of failure many entrepreneurs endure along their start-up journey. An important rule to follow for aspiring entrepreneurs is patience, without it you will have a hard time moving forward in a rational manner. Patience is vital in regards to your putting together of the pieces because it allows for you to strategically prioritize or better yet analyze what fits into your given puzzle. Understand that this is a very complex puzzle and every piece is not made to fit and sometimes the puzzle will not turn out how you once imagined so it is a continual work in progress that is never truly finished. Read the rest of this entry

Tell Me How I Can Assist In Your Entrepreneurial/ Business Pursuits

What is Entrepreneurial Thinking?


Lately you might be hearing the terms “entrepreneurial mindset” and “think like an entrepreneur” being used a lot. Viewing things within an entrepreneur lens and operating like an entrepreneur has become the latest trend or better yet the latest business philosophy. This way of thinking and doing things is now being identified as the best way to produce innovative ideas and to help towards developing a vibrant job market. But what many people want to know is; “what is entrepreneurial thinking and how do I acquire it?” Read the rest of this entry

The College Issue

College was and to some extent still seen as the best option one has as far as producing a successful future. Many of us can recall that from the time we were young, going to college was seen as the only option to partake in after graduating high school. From parents to teachers we were constantly told how great college is and how it leads to a bright, vibrant future. Pretty much all of us ate this vision up hungrily and could not wait for our chance to become a part of this stepping stone into a great life. Recently though it seems many of us have awaken from the dream, stepped into reality and have been forced to think out loud “WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED.” Read the rest of this entry

Entrepreneurial Ambitions: The Vision

As 2011 begins to become a year of the past, I would like to reflect upon Entrepreneurial Ambitions and what is to come in the year 2012. As stated in the About section, Entrepreneurial Ambitions is dedicated to educating individuals about entrepreneurship and how to develop business idea into existence. While writing and maintaining a blog can help to spread the word about Entrepreneurial Ambitions and its intended goals, I believe 2012 should be the year were actions are put into place. I would like to begin to interact with more entrepreneurs, business owners and individuals in order to understand their views of the marketplace and the business climate. As entrepreneurs we must communicate with one another so we can be aware of the problems and limitations that persist amongst one another. Also creating dialogue and interaction with one another helps to produce greater awareness of how to become more efficient in our pursuits and how to operate with precision focus. Read the rest of this entry


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