The opportunities that come with entrepreneurship are truly amazing. One year you can be working a dead-end job and dreaming of securing financial freedoms. A year later you can be a thriving entrepreneur who is earning six figures or more due to following your dreams of entrepreneurship.

The transformation of lifestyle permitted by entrepreneurship isn’t something that can be wished for and it magically happens. Unfortunately too many aspiring entrepreneurs believe this is how entrepreneurship works. They are then proven wrong when their wishful thinking doesn’t translate into a successful business.

Along with a belief in one’s self, hard work goes into becoming a successful entrepreneur. When an opportunistic mindset and strong work ethic are combined together, you can produce results beyond the expectations you had previously set for yourself.

Just ask Millennial Mentor Gerard Adams about the financial rewards and opportunities entrepreneurship can produce. Read More Is Gerard Adams the next Tony Robbins?

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Jordan French

Over here at Entrepreneurial Ambitions we know that success as an entrepreneur isn’t given to you: It is earned. For all the talk there is from people about wanting to be a successful entrepreneur, the majority rarely follow up their constant talk with persistent action. It is as if they receive more enjoyment from talking about success, rather than experiencing success. This is a backward mentality but is unfortunately how many “entrepreneurs” operate.


For every successful entrepreneur there is, there are probably a hundred others, if not more, who are failing or operating a mediocre business. Building success as an entrepreneur isn’t a small feat. It will probably be one of the hardest endeavors you pursue in your life. So much is expected of you and you want to step up and deliver, rather than being seen as a failure.


This is why I love to have conversations with individuals who have produced success as an entrepreneur. Their knowledge and insight is valuable information that can be used to help others operate more effectively as an entrepreneur.


My recent conversation was with Jordan French, co-founder of reputation management pioneer Status Labs as well as BeeHex, the 3D food printing award winner and media darling. From this conversation, you will learn how Jordan French developed a business that was named to the Inc. 500 and Fast 50 and how he positioned himself to gain more opportunities as an entrepreneur by co-founding BeeHex. Read More Change Agent Jordan French Talks Pioneering Industries at Status Labs, BeeHex

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At Entrepreneurial Ambitions, my focus is to not only educate my readers about the real world of entrepreneurship but also recognize those individuals deep in the trenches of entrepreneurship. This recognition will be called Entrepreneur Spotlight, where we spotlight entrepreneurs excelling in the world of entrepreneurship. Starting off our very first spotlight recognition will be Brandi C. Shelton of Utilize Consulting Service and Management Group (UCSMG), located in Southfield, Michigan. But before I go any further in detailing who is Brandi C. Shelton and what is UCSMG; I will let her have the honor of doing so. Read More Entrepreneur Spotlight: Brandi C. Shelton

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