Lately I have been noticing that some opposing players within what I call the thought leaders of the entrepreneurial community have been stifling others that they view as competitors. I say this because it seems like they do not like others sharing their own knowledge and information to what they view as “their audience”. Instead of letting the audience hear ideas and produce conversation from varying perspectives, they block out anyone promoting theories opposing their own. Maybe they fear those they view as considerable competition, maybe they want the audience to focus only on what they have to offer; whatever the reason it pushes me to want to strategically outwit them at their game of checkers by playing a masterful game of chess. Read More Competition is Fierce

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It is July 4th; fireworks are being exploded, barbeques are being cooked and people are enjoying the holiday as a whole. Today is supposed to represent a day of independence but does the concept of the day still apply in our present state of affairs? America is in a dismal state and most people who live within its boundaries reflect this sentiment. The independence we are celebrating seems to be a farce since our future independence as a leading nation is in danger. Read More Does July 4th Still Represent America’s Independence?

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Let’s face it being an entrepreneur is hard. We have all seen how the end outcome of hard work can turn out amazing for a few but what was their entrepreneurial journey like before those successful results occurred? For many continuing to work hard despite producing minimal results can be frustrating as hell. You stay up all night, sacrifice your personal life and forgo a steady paycheck all based on the chance of luck and hard work meeting up in order to produce a successful venture. You risk it all but as the days, months and years go by giving up seems like the best option. Why continue to struggle when no one is willing to accept your idea or willing to take a chance on your ability to turn an idea into a successful business? Read More Staying the Course

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If you are one of those people interested in the politics of society, the complexity of human interaction and the curious nature of cut throat/ back stabbing business deals; then Game of Thrones is the right kind of show for you. I first thought Game of Thrones was just about medieval times such as knights and dragons but in actuality it is much more than those concepts. Game of Thrones illustrates the different factions of society and how each faction interacts in contrast from one another in order to survive. The show demonstrates how individual’s idealistic differences can either keep them alive and thriving amongst the chaos and turmoil or help to descend their eventual downfall towards destruction. In the world within Game of Thrones it is wise to know your status and abide by its limitations or disrupt the perceived status quo in order to climb the ladder of society on your own terms. Read More Lessons Learned from Game of Thrones.

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As many of you may know, we will be voting in November to elect a new president or voting to have our current one stick around for four more years. Now I do not want to make this a political post but have pointed out this fact because two issues will be of critical importance during their campaigning process: the economy and job creation. These are two issues that everyone wants answered but contrarily produces answers that everyone does not agree with. Ideas and opinions tend to cause those type of reactions though because everyone does not have the same experiences or views as to how the world should operate. This is where we come to those people who hold certain ideas and viewpoints and see to it that they are put into motion in order to provide a solution. These people can be your political leaders, your corporate leaders, your community leaders or those we call entrepreneurs. For this post we will focus on those called entrepreneurs. Read More Can Entrepreneurs Create Enough Jobs?

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In part 1 of Putting the Pieces Together, we spoke about people and resources. Lets briefly review those two components before we move forward in order to remember their importance. People are important in order to give support and a helping hand when in need. Resources are important because they help you connect the dots when you are unable to do so within your own individual efforts. These two components clearly point out the fact that you cannot do it all on your own if you want to succeed. Remember this is a puzzle you must assemble; pieces(the right ones) are needed for the construction of the continued work in progress.

With people and resources already covered, we will move along to network and skills and see how they fit into the equation. Read More Putting the Pieces Together Part II

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From the previous post, Can I Become an Entrepreneur, we came to the conclusion that entrepreneurship involves putting together various pieces in order to produce the predetermined vision. It is important to highlight the fact about putting various pieces together because many aspiring entrepreneurs believe you can produce a vision in its entirety immediately. This wild belief is what helps create the high rate of failure many entrepreneurs endure along their start-up journey. An important rule to follow for aspiring entrepreneurs is patience, without it you will have a hard time moving forward in a rational manner. Patience is vital in regards to your putting together of the pieces because it allows for you to strategically prioritize or better yet analyze what fits into your given puzzle. Understand that this is a very complex puzzle and every piece is not made to fit and sometimes the puzzle will not turn out how you once imagined so it is a continual work in progress that is never truly finished. Read More Putting the Pieces Together

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