The year of 2012 seemed to be a year that had a lot of great promise but sharply fell flat in delivering any generous returns on such promises. Our so-called leaders have increased their bickering and unwillingness to compromise, it seems the citizens of this country have gone mad and our push towards stability and progressive growth has stalled. Going into 2013 looks like the bad we were in is only going to get worst. That in itself is a very scary thought to ponder. Read More An Examination of 2012

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The world we live in today is very fragmented and divided. We are divided in our ideology, in our educational attainment, in our societies but probably most importantly in our wealth. Money, wealth, finances and social class are very discussed words in the world topics of today. These words point to the growing issue we all nearly face, not only as a nation but on a global scale. To say it plain and simple, “the rich continue to get richer while the poor get poorer.” Read More The Coming Divide

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If you are dependent on one source of income I highly recommend that you discontinue the habit. In today’s economic environment, the volatile nature of uncertainty leads to the disruption of the normality in which people are accustomed to living within. That means when something is seen as normal it becomes a part of your natural function, leading you to believe its process is unchanging. Since we are talking about income; I will describe how careers and jobs become an illusionary trap in which people become fooled by their outward perception of stability. Read More Why a Diverse Income Stream is Needed

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CNN Money recently had an article posted on its website called “The low-wage jobs explosion.” The article basically explained how the resurgence in the job market has largely been fueled by low-wage jobs. These are the type of jobs that can barely, if at all cover the basic necessities for one to live comfortably. Matter of fact let’s take out the word comfortably and just say to maintain a reasonable standard of living. This means a continual erosion of the middle class is occurring in our American society. As the middle class is progressively shifted downwards, government assistance is elevated in order for people to acquire the basic goods and services no longer afforded to them. And this is just low-wage jobs we are talking about so take into account the impact that unemployment is having on our overall economy. Read More Unemployment, Low-Wages & Entrepreneurship

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I will go on record and say that the U.S. is definitely undergoing an economic reset, which will restructure the American Dream. I believe the days of overflowing prosperity and immense abundance are over for a while if not forever. This is due to the fact that as we reset our system we must purge out the excess that has left us bloated with deadweight. It is now time to burn off the toxic weight and operate within a lean mindset focused on efficiency. Realistically this means income levels may have to be reduced and some programs which require massive spending with no return will have to be scaled back. It may not be pleasing but tough times call for tough measures. Read More Redefining and Realizing The American Dream

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We are currently in an unsettling environment that has many people anxious and nervous as each day passes. There is anticipation forĀ  any good news that will put an end to the misery that so many are experiencing as the economy and job market is momentarily non-existent. Everyone wants to know why things are so stagnant and why it is so hard for prosperity to reemerge after three years of weak conditions. So what exactly is the problem that prohibits our ability to grow and experience productivity that produces the great wealth we experienced prior to this economic meltdown? Read More The Underlying Issue

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What does it mean to communicate effectively? Is talking and listening not the correct basis for communicating? The breakdown in what constitutes effective communication has been the direct cause of many business failures and is a huge cause of our ongoing economic struggles. Communicating effectively means to thoroughly understand a person or groups point of views and developing a means to produce their needs and wants in a mutually beneficial agreement. Read More Effective Communication: The 2008 Financial Meltdown

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