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We all have dreams. Some are grand, vivid dreams. And others are more tame in comparison but they are still visions which we would like to bring into fruition. When you think about dreams though, you typically think about imaginations which stay in your head. The only time you experience them is when you transition your thoughts to the place where they reside within your mind. What is life when you are only truly happy when residing within the imaginative confines of your mind? Read More The Act of Making Your Dream a Reality

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A couple of weeks ago I decided I wanted to create a lifestyle business focused on the entrepreneurial/ successful mindset, business development and physical development. Why I have decided to create this business is because I am all about continual personal development from now, until the end of my time on this earth. And I see no better way to become a fully developed person than to do so through your mindset, business and body. A complete transformation and enhancement of one’s self! Read More Why I am Incorporating Fitness In My Business

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Are you a hungry tech entrepreneur? Are you looking to take your concept to the next level? If your answer is a resounding yes, then hurry over to What is Extreme Tech Challenge, you may be asking. Extreme Tech Challenge is a start-up competition focused on promoting and investing in the best and brightest tech entrepreneurs in the world. Read More Why You Should Sign Up For Extreme Tech Challenge!!!

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The grand initiative I have recently thought of for Entrepreneurial Ambitions is The Entrepreneur Warehouse. The concept behind The Entrepreneur Warehouse is to create business ownership and job creation in disadvantaged communities. What are disadvantaged communities? These are communities which have negative reputations, have limited economic productivity and are usually ignored by those who don’t live within those neighborhoods. This ongoing limitation in productivity is a major problem in not only the disadvantaged community but also to those which surround it. How so? Because, as these communities suffer, the suffering spreads and frustration and anger are directed towards those who do not identify with the ongoing struggles. Read More The Entrepreneur Warehouse: How it Works

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strategic alliance
Why should I help the next entrepreneur become successful? They will just become my competition and make business harder for me. Unfortunately a lot of entrepreneurs hold this mindset and it is part of the reason why many new entrepreneurs fail. Just recently I stated in a Facebook group: Not every business is your direct competition. Some businesses work to supplement one another. Read More Why Should I Help The Next Entrepreneur?

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10 Laws of Power for Entrepreneurs continued…

Law VI: Seek Wise Council in Order to Learn How to Prosper
Entrepreneurs have to understand that you can’t do this all on your own. Help is needed for you to start your business and help will be needed for you to keep elevating to higher levels. Talk with people who are in the position you wish to place yourself within. Experienced people have the knowledge which you seek and can provide you with the guidance that helps you avoid mistakes that they have made themselves along their entrepreneurial journey. This means you have to put away your arrogance and humble yourself so that you can listen and learn. Find a mentor(s) that are all about ensuring your success. Don’t be afraid to reach out to people because you fear it shows weakness. It actually shows strengths that you are willing to seek advice in order to increase your capabilities that leads to you prospering. Read More 10 Laws of Power for Entrepreneurs Part II

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