It can be a major frustration when you’re trying your best to get your business to the next level, and you’re trying every possible thing you can think of. From marketing to new demographics or reaching out to existing customers, when, in fact, the problem might not be as external as you think. It might be a lot closer to home…


Are You Asking A Lot Of Your Employees?


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Being a boss definitely isn’t the easiest thing in the world. One of the top things that being a boss or manager entails is hiring and overseeing the training of new staff – and then after that, the hardest thing starts: making sure that they stay with the company. Here are some tips that will help you to retain your staff.


Keep Training Them

First of all, never assume that the work is completely done. Even if you’ve trained them in the procedures of what they might need to do for their job, that doesn’t mean that they won’t ever require further training. Not only will they need refreshers on what they’ve already done but – more importantly – in order to allow your employees to achieve their true potential, a good boss will make sure that they receive any further training that they desire so that they can rise up in the ranks of the company and feel satisfied with their progress. Ensuring that staff receives this training will not only improve their performance as they put their new skills into practice, but it’ll also seem like a vote of confidence that will make them feel more loyal towards you.

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The entrepreneur’s role in bringing an idea to fruition is critical, of course. But make no mistake about it, no matter how great the product or service they create, entrepreneurs rely on the teams they build to achieve greatness and long-lasting success. The big question is, what does a fantastic team look like? And how should entrepreneurs go about creating one? In this guide, we’re going to take you through some of the ingredients that will ensure you get the right people with the right skill sets together. Read on to find out more!



Open to ideas


Great teams know that fantastic ideas can come from anywhere. So, while you might employ a hotshot strategic thinker for your business, don’t rely on them – keep your door open for ideas from everyone and anyone in your company. Maybe your admin assistant has a very good idea to reduce the costs of your stationery equipment? Or perhaps your cleaning operative knows about a cheaper and quicker way of getting their job done? As an entrepreneur, you have to realize that inspiration and smart business ideas can arrive from anywhere at any time, and without being open you may never hear about them.

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Why do companies search for the most qualified and experienced candidates? It is because they know that employees are the key to a successful business. While business owners often take on important tasks, make difficult decisions, and ultimately sign the paychecks, it is employees who truly maintain a company on a day-to-day basis.


Why Employees are Essential to Growth

As a business owner, you may feel the need to do everything yourself to ensure that it is done correctly. At the end of the day, however, taking on every task alone will be overwhelming, time-consuming, and maybe even straight up impossible. If you ever plan on expanding, taking on more clients, or becoming a well-known brand, you will eventually need to delegate tasks to employees.


Many companies, such as Apple, may have started out small, but as their products gained popularity, it became increasingly necessary to hire help. Without the dedication of these employees, Apple may not have reached the global success that it enjoys today. So, unless you want to remain like the Apple of 1976 (three friends in a garage), you may need to take on some employees (of which Apple currently has about 80,000). Read More Why Your Employees are the Key To Your Growth

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It can be hard to get an accurate temperature of the small business climate. Some experts will tell you that small businesses are doing quite well; while others will say small business owners are struggling. The inconsistencies of information being put out will make a person wonder if it is worth it at all to become a business owner.

There are arguments about the tax code being too hard on small businesses.

There are arguments about the economy being too slow for small businesses.

There are arguments about small businesses having a lack of resources and support.

While these arguments may be valid, they are not the end and be all that determines a business’s ability to perform within the marketplace. The ultimate determining factor that leads to a business’s success is the business owners ability to develop the strategic process which will produce successful results.

I say this because I have encountered many business owners who do not understand how to develop a profitable business. For one reason or another, they have missteps within their business operations which cause their business to lack sustainability. As these missteps go unchecked, they continually erode overtime, leading to a business which can’t avoid failure. Read More 4 Reasons Small Businesses Fail

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As an entrepreneur or a team leader, the amount of decisions you make is enormous. From who to hire, to which are the most important e-mails to answer right away; each decision carries a great weight on you company. It makes sense to maximize your chances to make the right one.
Mark Zuckerberg wears the same clothes every day so he can limit the time he spends making “frivolous” decisions so he can concentrate on real work. Both Steve Jobs and President Obama have a similar view on everyday decisions, and that makes sense. When you run a big company (or a country), you want to focus all your time on decisions that matter. Read More Make Decisions Like a Great Leader (Guest Post)

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