It is the fourth quarter and only one minute left in the game. Down by three points you need to tie the score to extend the game or go for the win. Tying the game will require newfound energy to proceed but going for the win will hopefully secure the fate of the game in your best interest. Not only are you playing offense but also defense in order to stop the competitions ongoing pursuit to win for themselves. Everything is on the line and requires a valid effort from those in the position to be game changers. Are you in the game during crunch time? Can you handle the pressure or do you fold under the bright lights? Read More Become a Game Changer

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As business owners, we sometimes seem to overlook the happenings within the environment around us. While trying to tune up our businesses, attract consumers to our businesses and oversee virtually every aspect of our businesses; things can become pretty chaotic and unorganized. We do as much as we can to make our businesses attractive and competitive but at the same time may be harming our businesses in the process. When moving and thinking so frantically and fast-paced, are our customers truly showed the attention they deserve? What exactly are your customers saying about your business? Read More What Are Your Customers Saying?

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I will go on record and say that the U.S. is definitely undergoing an economic reset, which will restructure the American Dream. I believe the days of overflowing prosperity and immense abundance are over for a while if not forever. This is due to the fact that as we reset our system we must purge out the excess that has left us bloated with deadweight. It is now time to burn off the toxic weight and operate within a lean mindset focused on efficiency. Realistically this means income levels may have to be reduced and some programs which require massive spending with no return will have to be scaled back. It may not be pleasing but tough times call for tough measures. Read More Redefining and Realizing The American Dream

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About a month ago I gave an analysis on how not using effective communication can wreak havoc on a misinformed public. The deep setbacks due to neglecting the correct communication channels can lead to immense misery and plague the initiatives designed to progress forward. We all should be familiar with the negative effects unsuccessful communication can produce by just looking around at our present economic and political environment. Things are a mess and are only worsening due to ineffective communication and stubborn actions that affect the global landscape not just our nation. While I have already covered the negative impacts of not communicating effectively, I will detail the steps on how to produce effective communication that leads to positive results. Read More Effective Communication Part II

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About 9 months ago I introduced my opinion on what true leadership should look like. While brief it illustrated the key elements of how a leader should lead an organization to positive outcomes. As the economy and marketplace remains underperforming and unstable, effective leadership is greatly needed in these challenging times. Let’s further examine the qualities that enable an individual in charge to lead become an effective leader. Read More Leadership Part II

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It is often said that a great manager does not make a great entrepreneur and vice versa. Different thought processes and initiatives shape the mindset of each distinctive individual in order to achieve their desired goal. The job description of the two individuals are similar and some ways but entirely different in many others. Which of the two gets the job done effectively is the never-ending question and lends to the debate of who is better for a business to operate efficiently. Read More Entrepreneur or Manager

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This is a very important topic to me because I have been on both ends with the issue. As an employee I have witnessed the failures incurred from lacking leadership. As a business owner myself, I am enduring the hardships that come with being an inexperienced leader. The position of a leader is a hard role to fill but one that should be undertaken with great appreciation and awareness. Read More Leadership Part I

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