You might have heard the old adage ‘no publicity is bad publicity.’ This is true if you’re trying to achieve fame at all costs, but it’s not true if you’re trying to successfully promote a business. So then, how do you do it? By launching expensive marketing campaigns in a conventional way and hoping that improves your exposure?


Or can you do a lot better than that? Is it worth going back to the drawing board and seeing how you could intelligently apply a relevant marketing campaign that will not only draw eyes but keep them?


You’re absolutely correct it is. In the digital, every-connected age, consumers are now more than ever aware of being marketed to. They’re used to seeing an advertisement barrage on every web page they visit. It’s why browser adblockers are so popular. People are used to skipping the 5 second mandatory YouTube advertisement.

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Many entrepreneurs want to know how they can start a business. You often get people asking for tips and advice on how to set the ball rolling. The one tip I advise every entrepreneur to think about is building a positive brand identity.


A brand identity is how consumers perceive your business. Therefore, a positive brand identity means you’re perceived in a positive light. This is good, as it means you’ll have less trouble bringing in customers.


The great news is, it’s easy to build a positive brand identity, particularly if you’re just starting a business. As long as you do things correctly, you can get your new business off to a flying start.

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One of the interesting things about advertising is that it is effective partly in comparison to the effectiveness of your competitors’ campaigns. For instance, when tobacco companies were no longer allowed to advertise their products in the US, it was strangely immaterial. Whatever market share a certain company had at that particular time did not change all that much. It would no longer change based on its own marketing strategies or those of its rivals. Every tobacco company could now save immense amounts of money and not fall behind because they were not spending enough. Game theory posits that this was just good news for tobacco companies. Besides, the product that they sell is well known. No one today thinks that smoking is good for them so saying otherwise is not only disingenuous (and illegal), it would be ineffective. While each company would claim that they make the best product, each company makes broadly the exact same thing. No longer having to pay for advertising was therefore just a great way to save money.

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All hail pay-per-click marketing! Hooray! When PPC first arrived on the scene, businesses thought their marketing problems would be solved. However, after a while, they realized it wasn’t the answer to their prayers. It’s not that PPC isn’t effective – it is if used correctly. It’s that companies thought they had a sure-fire way of making their marketing dollars count.


The truth is there isn’t a strategy in the industry which doesn’t need tweaking and adjusting to boost success. If you’ve picked pay-per-click as your poison of choice, there’s no reason to worry. Instead, you should take a look at the following as they will transform your campaign.

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Building a successful website won’t happen overnight, and it often takes a lot of hard work, and some very serious trial and error. You will want your website to be one that your customers enjoy using and find easy to navigate, but how exactly can you achieve this? Read on to find out!



Create good content


We’ve not been shy about saying that content is king in the past, and in 2017 that is still the case. Make sure that the content you provide on your website is helpful, well written and easily shareable. Remember that attention spans aren’t very long for those browsing the internet, so keep articles around 500 words so that readers are more likely to read the whole thing. It’s not just about articles though – images, infographics, and videos are all hugely popular with the general public, and are usually more likely to get more viewers.

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If you have any sense, the first thing you will do regarding your marketing strategy is to hire an agency. The reasons are simple. Firstly, they are experts. Secondly, they have years of experience. And, thirdly, the best ones have a track record of getting results. They are so helpful to the cause that there doesn’t seem to be any cons until you work together. As soon as your relationship begins, you will notice a dynamic that is hard to manage. But, because you need their help, you have to manage it as effectively as possible.


Here are some helpful hints that will come in handy.

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There are many things that can impact whether a person decides to buy a product or not. Social proof is one of the biggest factors that goes into this decision. A high percentage of consumers look at product reviews and ask people before deciding to purchase a product. Studies show that product reviews are 12 times more trusted than reviews from manufacturers!


There are a few different kinds of social proof that you should be aware of. Here they are in short:

  • Expert – when something gets approval from a known expert or influencer.
  • Celebrity – an endorsement from celebrities.
  • User – approval from current users of the service or product.
  • Wisdom of the crowds – approval from large groups of other people.
  • Wisdom of your friends – what your friends like and talk about on social media.

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