There’s no doubt that the world of business can frequently be a stressful one. If you’ve spent much of your adult life working in offices, you may know only too well the kind of heightened environment they can easily become. Everyone is working towards the same goal, yet mistakes happen, and disputes end up arising along the way – not to mention the all-too-regular dash of office politics. When you’re sitting pretty at the head of business, this kind of thing usually doesn’t affect you. But if you are an employee taken on by someone else’s company, you can often end up getting dragged into situations you would otherwise rather avoid. Employers may love to deny it, but so much of a company’s success and productivity lies in its peer to peer relationships. If you are unhappy at work and feel as though you are being singled out – whether it’s constant reappraisals for things that are not
to do with you, or something else – you have every right to do something about it. Here is a three-point plan to help you cope when you feel you are being treated unfairly at work, and what you can do to turn your situation around.

Ask yourself if you’re simply paranoid

Paranoia and oversensitivity have a lot to answer for in the average workplace. You often get those employees in offices who slyly try to compete with their colleagues and friends. Taking on excessive amounts of overtime (more than is required) and bragging about how late they stayed in the office the night before are classic examples of this type of behavior. More often than not, it is done to make other colleagues feel like they are not working hard enough. Consider whether you have simply become too sensitive to this type of targeting. If you work the hours you are asked to and you’re dedicated and precise, you shouldn’t have too much to worry about.

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Anybody that has ever worked in an office will tell you that those eight hours a day are not always spent in the most productive of ways. Some of you may well spend all day working hard, but you probably know plenty of people that don’t. There are so many distractions these days and it can be difficult to stop people from wasting time on their phones or online. For an employer, this is a big problem because you are effectively paying people to do nothing and even if it’s only for a small amount of time each day, that all adds up over the year. It won’t make you the most popular boss in the world but putting in measures to increase productivity is the best thing for your business. Here are a few ways that you can do it.



Don’t Pile Too Much Work On


Lack of productivity isn’t always the fault of your employees. One of the reasons that they might be lacking focus is because they have too much work piled on. If you are getting your employees to do extra work on top of their normal duties then it is harder for them to concentrate on their main work. Use contract office cleaning services instead of having your employees do it themselves, and make sure that you have admin staff that can deal with the tasks that often cause things to clog up. That way, everybody can deal with one specific job and do it properly, rather than spreading themselves too thin.

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For the purpose of this post, we’re going to presume you’ve recently launched a new company. Maybe your firm exists within the manufacturing market, and you want to ensure you make all the right moves. Well, today, we’re going to discuss all the benefits of outsourcing engineering. Sure, you can still assemble your products in-house. However, you could see immense success if you begin to outsource some of the time-consuming tasks. That could apply to the creation of essential parts or anything else of that nature. Your workers spend enough time creating your products. They don’t need to double their workload by making the parts too.


  • You will stand the best chance of saving money


There is a common myth about outsourcing that I want to dispel right now. Some people believe that it costs more to outsource than performing the job in-house. In 99% of instances, that is not true. The company you use will undoubtedly employ lots of experts with the best skills. They will also have access to the best equipment possible. Brands that provide a CNC milling service or something similar could help you to save a fortune. Just think about it for a moment. If you wanted to perform that task, you might have to spend thousands on new machinery. So, you will nearly always manage to cut back if you outsource.


  • You will get the best people for the job

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Outsourcing is something that can be confusing for small businesses. How do you know when you should outsource something and when you should handle it yourself? Making mistakes about these decisions can be costly because you might end up paying somebody to do something that you could be doing yourself for free. Alternatively, you could be trying to do things that you just aren’t equipped to do, when you should be getting a professional to help you. One of the biggest mistakes that ecommerce companies make is outsourcing their fulfillment. Smaller companies can usually handle it on their own and outsourcing is a waste of money. If you don’t believe me, here are some reasons why.


What Is Fulfillment?


Fulfillment is simply the process that you use to ship out your goods. Larger companies that are shipping out thousands of products every day will need a much larger operation that uses heavy transport services otherwise they won’t be able to meet delivery times. When you’re running a much smaller ecommerce business, you probably don’t need this. At some point in the future, if your business does well and you expand, you might need to scale up the size of your fulfillment operation, but for the time being, you can make do with something a bit simpler. There are plenty of companies out there that will handle it for you, but it isn’t necessary for these reasons.

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Introducing new equipment and tools to your company is one of the best ways to grow your business. You need to keep up with everything that’s happening in your industry, and that often means choosing which of the new technologies are going to be beneficial to your business. If you’ve decided it’s time to introduce a new piece of equipment or perhaps some new software, you need to take the right steps to get ready. You should think about training for your employees, as well as perhaps letting your customers know. Here are some of the steps you can take that might be useful.

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As an employer, whether you have a team of 10 or 1,000, it’s essential to take steps to get the best out of your employees. If your team works for you, the chance of your business being successful will be much greater. If you’re keen to let your stars shine, here are some hacks to help you get the best performance out of your team.


Setting clear goals

Setting goals is a tried and tested method to increase productivity and motivation. If you have targets you want to hit, it’s important to ensure that everyone knows what they are, and how you can about achieving them as a collective. If there’s confusion, this could delay the process or even prevent you from reaching that goal. If you’ve got sales targets, for example, organize a meeting to discuss them, send out an email memo, and encourage people to come to you or contact their line manager if they have any questions or queries. If you’re on the same page, you’ll get jobs done faster.

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One of the most challenging aspects of entrepreneurship can be knowing your place. When building our own small-to-medium-sized business (especially our first), the temptation can be to micro-manage everything, which is the surest way to a complete nervous breakdown.


Determining which day-to-day tasks to manage ourselves, which to defer to our employees and which to outsource is an important skill for entrepreneurs to develop and will depend largely on the size of your enterprise, your personal skill set and the capabilities of your employees.


When starting out, our first instinct will often be to ameliorate costs but as any economist will tell you, you can’t cut your way to growth.


Prudently investing in outsourcing the right aspects of your business will allow you to invest your time and attention on steering the ship and ensuring that your business as the strategy and infrastructure to excel.





Underestimate the impact that a clean and tidy workplace has on productivity at your peril! The health and safety implications of an unclean workplace are self-explanatory. The last thing you need, especially when starting out, is to lose staff hours to illness. A clean and tidy workplace is also proven to increase worker productivity. You might think that dashing around with a vacuum cleaner and duster at the end of the day is all your business needs but the reality is that in cleaning, as with most things, it’s best to bring in the professionals.


Cleaning solutions for businesses are flexible and surprisingly affordable. We recommend Phoenix Cleaning Company who have over 40 years experience in business cleaning and also offer porter services, post construction clean-ups and floorcare services.


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