Today many people are celebrating the anniversary of America’s Independence with cookouts, fireworks and celebrations. There will be exclamations of “God Bless America” and talk of what makes the United States of America such a great nation. People will speak of the unlimited opportunities only granted in the U.S.A. and how no other country compares in terms of achievement and prosperity. While all of this is great rhetoric and a way to promote pride and nationalism; it does not speak upon the dependency many people are functioning within. Read More Declare Your Independence

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We are living and operating within a fast-paced, ever revolving world. There seems to be no time to slow down and catch up or else you will be left behind. Keep in mind though that everyone has not become accustomed to functioning in such a rapid and persistent manner. Sure some may keep up with the latest cool technology, T.V. show or other varying social and entertainment formats; but those things are completely obsolete in terms of getting ahead in today’s world. You can say that people have become so obsessed with being in tune with the latest trends that they have lost sight of what this world is truly about: Competition. Read More Where is Our Competitive Drive?

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Every once in a while we must take a step back from our daily routines and take a complete look at ourselves. What are we looking for when we do this? We are examining how balanced and rewarding our lives truly are. The hustle and bustle of trying to keep up with the fast-paced nature of life has many people unaware of their true well-being within this hectic world. What purpose does your life stand for? Are you just existing in the world or really living life? These are just two questions out of many that can be asked when analyzing yourself and the life you live. Read More Self Analyzation

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Black America is in turmoil when compared to almost every other race within the United States. Besides the Native Americans we are the most impoverished group of people and have the lowest opportunity to achieve success within the United States. I know there are more poor whites than poor blacks but I’m speaking in comparative terms of other races. The image of us is skewed to project a horrible, negative perception about us amongst people across the world and we seem to embrace these perceptions and stereotypes by perpetuating them. Read More Black America

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