It doesn’t matter whether you are planning to start a new manufacturing business or you are already running one. What does matter is that you have the right tools and equipment to create your products so that you can remain efficient and profitable.


The trouble with some manufacturers is they opt for off-the-shelf solutions or even used ones previously owned by other companies. While that might be okay in some cases, it isn’t with others. Why? The answer is simple: your business will be spending time and money on workarounds.


Although it can sometimes require a significant investment, the returns on custom fabricating solutions for your manufacturing business can be high. In today’s article, we will explore why it could make sense for your company to adopt such an approach.

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Most business owners make the mistake of assuming that their business is going to be a success. This is foolish, particularly when over 90 percent of new startups crash and burn in their first year. You would be right in thinking that this doesn’t leave much wiggle room for mistakes. You have to correct issues immediately, or they will bring down your entire business model. To do this, of course, you need to know the signs that your business in trouble, so let’s look at a few.


Zero Profits

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Strictly speaking, zero profits isn’t always a death toll for a company, but it does depend on the situation. Usually, if you start a business that is making no profits, you knew it was going to happen. You planned for it, and you’re willing to ride out that difficult period to generate loyal customers through low prices. This has led to a number of success stories including that of They started off below breaking even and yet ultimately managed to sell their business to Amazon for millions.


That’s notably different from starting a business in the hope of making substantial profits and finding out you can’t even break even. So, if you’re gaining nothing in the first year and you didn’t plan for it, your business is definitely in trouble. We’ll talk about how to correct this situation a little further down.

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When it comes to launching a business, a huge, huge amount of success comes down to who your business is. That may seem like an odd thing to say, but a business is a brand and you need to get that branding absolutely spot on if you want to have an edge over your competitors.


When we talk about a brand, what we are talking about is not just about what you evoke in your customers, but also the promise you are making to them. People will see an advert with your company logo on it and immediately think about what your products, the quality, the customer service, what they can expect and what ethos you uphold. It is what differentiates you from the rest of the crowd. It is about knowing who you are as a company, knowing who you want to be and knowing how people will perceive you.


Of course, defining your company’s brand isn’t easy. It is sort of like a little journey of self-discovery and this can be difficult and complex and time-consuming and, at times, a little uncomfortable. It is about knowing who you are and who you want to be. That’s why a great place to start is by imagining your company as a person.

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Getting your business in legal hot water can be very damaging to it. It can be damaging to its brand image, to its connection with the authorities and to its relationships with any sponsors or benefactors that help to finance it. Even if your business finds itself in hot water because of an innocent and easy-to-make mistake the ramifications can be tough; below are a few tips on you can avoid dipping your business into hot water and potentially burning it forever.


Grow the ‘GRAS’ in your business


If something is ‘GRAS’ in other words it means that it has officially been deemed Generally Recognised as Safe. Generally, the term is used in the world of catering, specifically in the food prep sectors of it, and is applied by experts to any food that they consider to be safe. So, if yours is a business that deals at all with the cooking/preparing and delivery of food or drink, even if it’s just a small canteen that is only provided for your staff, you must do all that you can to keep it ‘GRAS’. One way to do so is use glass packaging jars; glass is one of the only ways to package that has been granted full ‘GRAS’ status by the FDA because of the fact it doesn’t impact food and drink in regards to additives. Finding yourself in hot water in regards to any misdemeanors in the kitchen is a very serious offense and a tough one to pull yourself out from — so if you want your business to be ‘GRAS’ you should opt for glass.
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With most industries feeling the squeeze in recent years, overheads are getting higher, and margins are getting smaller. Finding any areas to save a few extra pennies is essential in this day and age, especially on some of the more expensive items. Machinery costs are generally some of our highest overheads. From rental to upfront costs, maintenance, and fuel, they account for a huge proportion of our money. This also makes them a great point of potential savings. Here are a few ways you can cut machinery costs in the coming year.

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Thanks to the global economy recovering from the economic meltdown of 2007/8, new businesses are opening up left, right and center, and this is especially true in the restaurant game. Food is universally enjoyed, it is a major source of both happiness and comfort, and something that spans the world, both geographically and culturally. But that doesn’t mean opening a restaurant and getting a slice of the pie is easy.


First and foremost, you should never consider opening a restaurant if you haven’t got a passion for the industry; for food, drink, merriment and providing a service. If you haven’t got a passion for it, you will fail. However, passion isn’t enough to see you through on its own.

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Small business owners often avoid investing in tech and that’s understandable. One of your main focuses as a small business owner is always going to be to cut costs and hopefully save money. You don’t want expensive tech to complicate the situation. What you may not realize is that technology and software can actually help you cut costs in the long run. It allows you to work more efficiently and this in turn means low business bills. Just think about how much money you can save if you could cut the waste and get more done through the day. That’s exactly what’s going to happen if you invest in new computers for your office. Here are some of the other cool advantages of business tech.

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