Take a long, hard look at your business premises. How does it make you feel? How do you think it makes your staff members feel? What about your customers? It doesn’t matter how great your business is doing online or how many sales you’re making. If you have a shoddy business premises, it’s always going to hold you back in one way or another. Here are 5 incredible tips that your organization needs to improve your premises. Ignore them at your own peril!


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You need to make sure that when you are running your company, you keep it as small and efficient as possible. You don’t want to over complicate the situation with various different parts of your business model. If you do this, then your costs are going to grow out of control, and you will struggle to keep your company profitable as you continue to shift your presences on the market. There are various ways to trim the fat in your business model, and you definitely want to consider these possibilities.

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Your business should be your baby, and no sane person would put their baby in danger, would they? Well, you might just be doing that if you’re not taking the proper steps to protect your business. You might be putting your business at risk of failure. So many businesses already have the odds stacked up against them when they start out. You don’t want to add to this, do you? If you’re not doing these things, then you might be…


Risk Assessments

If you haven’t done a risk assessment on your business to figure out what could be a potential threat, you’re putting your business at even more of a risk. Knowing the risks is crucial to making sure you have the correct insurance cover and plans in place to stop them from happening. You can’t always stop things from happening either, but you can make sure you’re as prepared as possible for them so you can avoid major setbacks.


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No company on the face of the earth has ever gone without experiencing a glitch. Even giants like Apple have had their issues; did you know the first demo iPhone barely worked? If Apple can survive a glitch, so can your company.


Except dealing with a glitch and surviving it doesn’t feel possible in the moment, does it?


If you have a defective product or a problem in your supply chain, then the initial response is one of pure dejection. You’re the worst businessperson on the planet. How are you ever going to make a success of your endeavor if you can’t get something so fundamental right? What would your customers say if they found out?


So, there we have number one on the worst ways to react to a problem in your business: dejection. What are the others – so you can be confident of avoiding them the next time you have an issue crop up?

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Hiring another person for your business gives you another mouth to feed. Sometimes this may be necessary, but sometimes, there are other things you can do to get the help you need. If you want another person to be totally responsible for, go ahead and hire them! If you don’t, you probably want to consider the following options.

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There are few things more frustrating than a customer or client who won’t settle their bill.


After all, it will have cost you time, money, and effort to do all you can to assist them when they use your company. You will have an investment, which you expect will be repaid when the invoice falls into their notice. For the majority of the time, you will find this is the case, and payments will be received promptly. Yet there will always be one customer or client who just doesn’t quite seem to understand their responsibilities.


It’s a frustrating, impossible feeling. You know they could pay; you know they agreed to pay; but after awhile it can feel like you’re chasing a ghost. Remembering and pursuing all the invoices that you have outstanding is a full-time job in and of itself, but just letting them slide not only costs you money but also sets a bad precedent.


So if you have billed for something and not received payment, what are the next steps you need to take to ensure you get what’s owed to you?

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When starting and maintaining a small business, keeping monetary costs to a minimum is a must. One way to achieve this ideal is to make your company energy efficient, and keep extraneous costs low as a result.


Below are a few quick tricks to making a working space greener.

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The big tricks for heating up


When running a small business, energy concerns can make up a over a quarter of the budget.  If you’re modern minded, creating a green energy space is important for bringing in similar custom. Similarly, reducing your electrical consumption can be necessary for moving forward in quieter sales months.

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