I have just started watching Boardwalk Empire earlier this month and from then on it has become one of my favorite shows. Boardwalk Empire chronicles the Prohibition Era in America, while following the lives of those who operate within its presence. The existence of Prohibition in America created an opportunity for risk taking opportunist to create lucrative criminal enterprises. This underground economy inherently came with high risk, some more severe than legal reprimand. The huge financial gains and power gains produced from successful ambitions along this course brought with it very aggressive and ruthless competitors, who operated  with a “by any means necessary attitude”. Read More Lessons Learned From Boardwalk Empire

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Entrepreneurship is about mastering the art of hustling. The act of hustling means to act in an aggressive manner to achieve a self mandated goal no matter how difficult it may be. In today’s world the hustler mentality is essential to surviving amongst the declining infrastructures in today’s society. To be honest as the infrastructures of society crumbles around us, the people within its environment begin to exhibit regressing qualities also. Maybe this is due to some giving up and conceding to the perception that things look too awful to overturn or maybe some have just become immune to doing hard work. Whatever the case, it presents plenty of opportunity for those who are willing to hustle hard and work. Read More No Hustle, No Success

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Are you the person who constantly complains about how ineffective and low quality your competitors are; or are you the person who seeks out the challenge to out do your competitors? It is common to hear people consistently offer up opinions about how and what should be done, but people who actually put their thoughts into action are in a small percentile. I point this out because it illustrates those who are successful and those who fit into the category of simply average. As an entrepreneur or business owner though; you do not have the option to just sit back and watch idly as your competition gains significant market share and positioning. You have to be in the forefront of the competitive environment or else become destined to remain an afterthought. Read More Are You a Competitor or Attentive Bystander?

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Entrepreneurship is what built America into the great nation and superpower it is recognized as throughout the world. That statement alone should illustrate the power entrepreneurs possess and the ability entrepreneurship has to create inconceivable opportunities. Entrepreneurship is the gateway to job creation and economic development that helps to add continual growth and continual progression within the global society. This means the continued development of entrepreneurs is greatly needed in order to produce a solid infrastructure of productive businesses that lead to much-needed employment stability. Read More Entrepreneurship is Needed in Today’s Society

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Entrepreneurship is about embracing the challenges of independency within such a dependent oriented society. As our nation grew, the independent aspect of thinking seemed to decline in favor of dependency on big corporations and the government. Now as these two huge structures of economic development and job creation lose their power due to power management and overzealous expansion; people are experiencing overwhelming difficulty in both their professional and personal lives. As aging concepts are on the brink of collapse and once huge powers are experiencing unavoidable upheaval; new challengers must step up to the opposition in order to cushion the impact of their impending demise. Read More Taking on Goliath

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“I/ We have no competition.” This is the foolish statement you hear many entrepreneurs and business owners exclaim when speaking about themselves and/or their businesses. An assertion such as this illustrates that besides competitors in the marketplace being your competition; you are your own competition due to both arrogance in yourself and ignorance of your surroundings. Read More Know Thy Competition

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It is already tough enough putting in the work to become an entrepreneur; it is even tougher capturing the attention of your target market. With so many impeding factors such as competition, technology and finances; it is very difficult to be prominently positioned in the consumers’ minds. There is so much information that can be instantly gathered and so many competitors in every direction, which makes it difficult to gain a firm grasp on the marketplace. In order to gain attention and standout, you have to embrace the needs of the consumers and make them feel valued. You have to make business an enlightening experience, yes difficult but can be achieved with the right ingredients. Read More Captivating Your Audience

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