This post was written due to a Twitter debate I saw last week and participated within. The topic of the debate was why do people always talk about being an entrepreneur and promote entrepreneurship as if it’s the only means to success. The person who started the debate stated he would rather make his millions as an employee, and let those who choose entrepreneurship have that lifestyle. Is it plausible that he can really make millions as an employee? I doubt it but I can’t deny him his right to choose employee over entrepreneur. Read More Everybody Doesn’t Want to be an Entrepreneur

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entrepreneur ecosystem
I previously wrote a blog pot entitled Local Entrepreneurial Development = Economic Productivity. If you haven’t read it I suggest you do. It gives a glimpse of how the entrepreneurial spirit develops in a community. In essence the beginning of an entrepreneurial ecosystem. The entrepreneurial ecosystem? What is that? Read More What is an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem?

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power play
Are you an entrepreneur who plays it safe and who is willing to accept what little comes your way? You believe that entrepreneurship is built on the principles of continual sacrifice and that you are a small fish in a big pond which should have small expectations. This pessimistic mindset holds you back and keeps your business on a very small-scale, rather than growing and prospering. You ventured into entrepreneurship because you had the ambition to be a business owner and were willing to take the risk of becoming so. Now that you have achieved such desires, your ambition has stalled and you have low risk tolerance. Quite the oxymoron. Read More Make a Power Play

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local entrepreneurship
When you look around your community, what do you see? A lot of corporate owned national chains, a few small businesses and a very few mom and pop stores. How do I differentiate between the 3? Corporations have deep pockets and have multiple locations on a national scale. Small businesses are fairly new within the marketplace, with owners who are fairly new to entrepreneurship. Or small businesses can be those businesses which are small in operation and serve a very small percentage of the marketplace they participate within. Mom and pops are usually generational owned local businesses and are a staple within their community. The problem with this picture though, is that the corporate chains have far more power and advantages in local communities. Read More Local Entrepreneurial Development = Economic Productivity

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jumping hurdles
Entrepreneurship can be both satisfying and daunting. Continuously jumping hurdles, trying to meet deadlines, keeping clients happy, trying to bring in clients and trying to get an extension on your payment deadlines because you are in a slow period. Emotionally, mentally and physically draining but it is what we go through in order to call ourselves entrepreneurs. Read More Jumping Hurdles

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As an entrepreneur expect to hear more no’s than yes’s. The reason you hear no varies but it can boil down to: lack of experience, no established trust and skepticism of the product and service you are offering. Whatever the reason, people will come up with any excuse to tell you no so they won’t have to risk their money and time with you. It’s nothing personal, it is just that people are naturally inclined to shy away from what they do not know. You on the other hand, as an entrepreneur, take this as an indication that you are not up to par in the entrepreneurship world. Read More No is Just Motivation to Get a Yes

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2 quarter progress
The 2nd quarter is now the past and we are halfway through the year. That means only 6 months are left for you to accomplish your goals for the year. So my question for you is; how has your year been so far? Before reading any further this is a post about those who are not progressing and not for those who are doing exactly what they need to do. Read More 2nd Quarter Progress Report

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