When you think of cheap business startups, you think of overhead costs. Time is also a cost, though, and it’s one we don’t often consider when we look into starting a business for ourselves. Starting a new business sounds really great but without a lot of time it feels like a far off dream.

So here are five truly cheap startup ideas that anyone can manage in their spare time and grow into something more profitable.

Massage Therapist

Massage therapy is a traveling profession, and you’ll meet a lot of people. Not for the squeamish. You should be sociable and OK with touching other people. If that sounds like you, the cost of massage supplies, like a table and some essentials, plus some training is about all you’ll need. Some states may require certifications, so be sure to check in your area to comply with local laws and regulations.

It’s not difficult to advertise, and you can easily offer competitive rates. Invest in enough training to know what you’re doing without hurting someone, but don’t invest in a lot of schooling until the work is really paying dividends.

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If you’ve decided that the life of an entrepreneur is the life for you, and you’re looking for ideas that will be able to make you lots of money, while being fairly simple and inexpensive to set up, consider the mobile business.


With little more than a good idea and an affordable used truck from www.TruckDealersAustralia.com.au/auction/search/ you could start earning a decent living working for yourself on your own terms. Sound good? Here are some mobile business ideas you might want to consider:


Street Food Truck


The great thing about running a street food truck is that, once you have a suitable truck, your costs will be very low. You’ll only have to order in the basic ingredients to make your dishes and enough fuel to cook them and run your van. For a startup, this is a dream situation, especially when you consider the fact that good street food is really popular and very easy to sell right now.

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As a business owner, you want to keep costs down while also bringing in as much cash as possible. It’s something every successful startup will have to balance, and by cutting costs, it suddenly becomes a lot easier to keep track of finances and even bring more money in. Consider including a few of these simple habits below in your daily routine; to protect your hard earned money while making business prosper.


Office Space

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Writing a business plan is probably the most difficult bit of starting your own business. You have to meticulously plan and forecast for the future for a business you haven’t even started yet. Then you have to get onto the financials, which means you need to have a budget plan for your business. Many businesses fail in their first year and sometimes this is due to a lack of the right financial planning. Taking advice from the bank or an independent financial consultant can make a huge difference to the way you plan the budget for your business.

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Budgeting for your business is so much more than just planning for the next payroll cycle. When you first plan your budget and open a business, there are financial fires all over the place that you will have to control and put out, so that you don’t go under. By failing to plan your finances, you will end up failing your finances – which is not something a new company wants to do! Maintaining a good financial plan will allow you as the business owner to control the cash flow, so that you are managing the money rather than having the money manage you.

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Creating a startup is a challenging time. It’s when all of your skills must come together in order to progress forward with what you have got to offer. Whether you are just starting out or have been in the game for a while, there are still learning curves that you have to experience in order to ground yourself. Not only this, but the education that each one provides can be the most useful tool to you when starting up your own business. So here’s a heads up on some of the things that might just be coming your way…

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It’s Beneficial To Outsource


As much as you want to keep work within your own business, it really can be beneficial to you to outsource some of it. Even if it’s just a small percentage. What you want to achieve here is revenue-generating jobs for you to do, and there are some which just aren’t. Even if you paid somebody within your workforce to do it, it may be a lot of their (read: yours) time taken up doing a task which could be quite challenging to them but oh so simple for somebody who works specifically in that industry as a professional. For example, if you wanted some graphic design doing, it’s better to outsource it to someone for a good price rather than paying a wage or a salary to somebody who will sit down and spend days on something that’s substandard. It’s just the chance that you’ve got to take. Not only will you save yourself time, but you will possibly also save yourself a lot of money. It doesn’t have to stop at outsourcing for one-off jobs like art; you can get your printing outsourced, your PA, your accounting … everything that you can think of. A quick online search will be able to point you in the right direction for what you need. Always go with somebody who has been recommended, either through a trusted source or online reviews from a website that you visit frequently. That way you know what to expect from the person you are hiring.

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The good news is that fresh-faced business owners are expected to make mistakes and given a little leeway here and there. But it’s only a little leeway. There are a few areas of business that early mistakes can evolve into issues that last for its entire existence. If you put the kibosh on these errors early, you can save yourself a lot of trouble in the future.

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The team

The early adopters of any business are the people who will have the greatest impact on the business going forward. That’s not just true for customers but for employees, too. Make sure that the people you’re hiring are committed to the ideas of the business and that you have found them the roles that help them not only contribute but stay engaged in their work. Even a brand-new employer has to be a good manager, paying attention that employee needs are fulfilled and that their motivation is kept high. Unhappy, ill-fitting team members can be a big sabotaging factor in a young business.

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The one thing about modern startups that stands out above all else is their relatively low ‘starting up’ cost. It fact it is what they are known for. But are they really as cheap as we think, or are there hidden costs to pay that are forgotten in the excitement of starting a business from scratch? Read on to find out.
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Financial charges


Obviously, no matter how small you start you will need some financial backing behind you to get going. The problem with this is that some forms of finance have more charges and costs associated with them than others.

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