The world of business is in constant evolution. Ten years ago, if you were to look for a business idea, your best bet would have been to start a digital marketing agency. There were at the high of all trends at the time. Now, we’re surfing on a different trend: It’s all about food. Little bakeries full of yummy patisseries, urban coffee shops that offer exotic breakfasts, and independent restaurants that promote local products are attracting the attention of customers. The reasoning behind it is that people are desperate to go back to the essential, to the taste of simple things. In other words, processed foods, vending machines, and fast-food chains are unable to appeal to a discerning audience who has fallen in love with the taste of real food. This is confirmed by the increase of startups in the food and drink industry. What does it take to open a new food business? Read further to find out.


Embrace The New Trends

Food is an industry of trends that you need to embrace to grow your business. has carefully selected the 5 trends of the year that restaurants and startups need to consider. Vegetarian comfort food is making a noticeable arrival on the menus of recommended restaurants. From veggies lasagna to cauliflower crust pizza, there is plenty of choice of healthy comfort recipes that are completely meatless. The remaining meat-eaters are now on the look for quality meat, from an artisan butcher who knows his business like the back of his hand. As consumers are looking at alternatives to prepacked meat, they expect restaurants to do the same. The trend for healthy eating is still high, even though most have abandoned their love affair with kale. It’s now all about seasonal and lesser known vegetables. But healthy eating remains a core business topic with the increase of healthy food startups around the world. From raw juice cleansing programs to fermented milk drink – this is what you call kefir – health addicts are looking for a taste renewal on their local shop shelves.

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