College Before Career, Or The Other Way Round?

It is a question a lot of young people ask themselves now, is it worth getting into debt for the price of an education which may, or may not, guarantee you a successful career? Or is it worth starting out at the bottom of the career ladder and working your way up, but without that piece of paper that says you are qualified? There are cases for both sides of the arguments, and let’s weigh up both options.


The Price Of An Education


From a professional perspective, getting a formal education is definitely a way to get ahead of the game. If you are looking to break into a niche part of a business, it is almost necessary to have a suitable background where you are schooled in every aspect of business processes. By going to a university that has ties with specific industry sectors, this will prepare you better for your chosen career. However, most people go into an education without a fully formed idea of what they want to do with their lives nowadays. The price of an education is a major achievement in a professional sector if you know what you want to get out of it, but there is also the financial aspect! It is arguably more beneficial for people to go to college as a mature student because they will have a better idea of what they want out of their professional career. But on the other side of this coin, there is a sizeable amount of debt. Luckily, some organizations can help with this. From bursaries or grants, to debt consolidation resources like on, and so, combining this approach to education with a clear, defined idea of what sector you want to work in, a degree can be the ace in your deck.

Working Up The Career Ladder



Of course, a lot of successful entrepreneurs and business owners will argue that they didn’t need to get a degree to get to the point where they are today. They will argue that hard graft and learning about everything in your sector comes from gaining an entry level position. And this is a great idea, in theory! Gaining an entry level position now is arguably more difficult than it used to be. In this respect, it’s great if you have contact with in that industry, but if not, you need to find a way in. This may take some time unless you are extremely adept at making your resume stand out of the many hundreds, especially if you’re trying to get into an industry that is highly desired. Unfortunately, many businesses won’t look at your application unless you have a degree under your belt. It’s very much a Catch-22 situation! But as a means of education for your staff, it could be a very suitable way to get them clued up in the business processes quickly, efficiently, and they could even do it alongside their career, with online degrees. You can find out more at places like to see if you can do it alongside your current role.


Gaining a degree in the modern world is a double-edged sword, but as a degree is considered essential in some sectors, if you are reading this with an intent to climb up the career ladder, this could be a very useful tool. If you are unable to acquire the means necessary to obtain a qualification, then you had better get skilled up in networking and building the right contacts!

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