Competition is Fierce

Lately I have been noticing that some opposing players within what I call the thought leaders of the entrepreneurial community have been stifling others that they view as competitors. I say this because it seems like they do not like others sharing their own knowledge and information to what they view as “their audience”. Instead of letting the audience hear ideas and produce conversation from varying perspectives, they block out anyone promoting theories opposing their own. Maybe they fear those they view as considerable competition, maybe they want the audience to focus only on what they have to offer; whatever the reason it pushes me to want to strategically outwit them at their game of checkers by playing a masterful game of chess.

Speaking ashamed, my competitive switch goes on and off more times being off. This is completely unacceptable as an entrepreneur especially when I continual preach about entrepreneurs needing to posses this particular quality. Swaying the fence in this competitive environment produces no sustainable results in the marketplace when so many others are vying for the same attention. The competition out here is fierce and cut throat and only those who can out think and outperform their opposing counterparts will survive. This sluggish economy and terrible job market makes things even tougher because you have to fight opposition at almost every step along the way. It is like being thrown into a shark tank where all the sharks are trying to devour one another in order to rule the open waters.

Truthfully I love this competitive environment though because it displays the essence of relentless competitive drive. Nothing is more rewarding than beating those who oppose your will to succeed. Lately I have been really interested in mind strategy and intellectual warfare. Anybody can take by force and do out of reaction but it takes real mental skills to acquire by flexing no other muscle than the capacity of your brain. This makes for the most rewarding competitive battles; those were intelligent thinking outweigh the process of hasty actions.

Some people perform best under the pressure of heavy competition, others wither away under the heightened intensity. What you have to understand is that the competition out here is intense. Everyone is hungry and starving for a slice of the pie called success and when people are starving they operate by any means necessary. This means you have to be prepared for anything that is thrown at you and used against you to discredit your capabilities as an entrepreneur. Remember that you have to look at it as war which only produces two outcomes: winners and losers. Many of us claim we hate to lose but we seem too willingly to accept the position of a loser. As an entrepreneur you are going to have to fight numerous battles and maybe even go to all out war but that should be expected when operating in the same territory of other competitive people.

When dealing with competitive people you must have dual thoughts: think as your competitor and think how to effectively defeat your competitor. Competitive people always want to identify who is the best, how to become the best and how to remain the best. As an entrepreneur you have to understand this mindset in order to properly combat against both the aggressive and sneaky styles of attacks. A great military strategist knows the mindset of their opposition which enables them to properly counter against their foreseen movements. That is how you have to operate in order to withstand the competitive environment entrepreneurs battle within because it is certainly not for those who possess a fragile mind frame.

I believe in order to be a successful entrepreneur you have to love competition. You have to understand competition and train yourself to become a master of the game which is played. Once you understand the rationality behind competition, you enhance your ability to turn the tables on those who believe they are able to defeat your purpose.

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