How to Create a Successful Business in 2017


It’s a new year. You are excited about the opportunity you have to start fresh.

You are ready to move forward on accomplishing those big goals you have created for yourself.

One goal you are serious about accomplishing this year is creating a successful business.

You have been thinking about business ownership but have never had the courage to take the risk.

Maybe you currently own a business but it isn’t producing the type of results you want.

You want 2017 to be the year your aspiration for a successful business is finally realized.

I completely understand where you are coming from.

I have also claimed 2017 as the year where I will reach levels of success that I have never experienced.

My goals are a little ambitious, though.

I want to create 3 successful online businesses this year.

I know… creating 3 successful online businesses in one year will be quite the challenge.

That’s why this blog is called Entrepreneurial Ambitions — if the goal isn’t ambitious it isn’t worth pursuing.

What I want to do is provide you with the key information on how I plan to create these successful businesses.

The information I’m providing should also be used by you.

You will want to implement these steps into your plans so that your goal of creating a successful business in 2017 is accomplished.

Don’t worry, this isn’t some 50 step guide you want to stop reading after step 10.

These are 4 very simple steps that will lead to big results. That is what you want — BIG RESULTS!

Here’s how you create a successful business in 2017.

Focus on the customer

Too many people build a business only thinking about themselves.

They think about what they would want as a customer, and design the products and services that cater to their wants.

This is the wrong way to create products and services. The purpose of creating a business is to serve people who will actually pay for your products and services?

That can’t be achieved if you aren’t designing products and services that are specific to your customer’s needs.

You have to get out of the “me” mentality. Instead, begin to focus on the problems that exist for your customers.

When you focus on your customers, you begin to understand how they view your products and services.

This better insight allows you to view the value of your business as a prospect who is considering making a purchase from your business.

What would compel them to make a purchase?

What would cause them to second guess their decision to make a purchase?

Does your pricing match your value?

These types of questions are what should through your mind when you are focused on the customer.

Your goal is to ensure that your business over delivers in value.

You want to continually gain new customers. You also want your existing customers to remain lifelong customers.

Therefore, you must be committed to delivering an exceptional experience, along with quality products and services to your customers.

When your customers become your focus, you are dedicated to building a great business.

Money isn’t your only desire — delivering value is your source of motivation.

Making a lot of money is automatically produced when your customer’s needs become your focus.

Provide Incredible Value

When you create mediocre products and services, you have to deal with mediocre results.

If what you’re offering is no better than your competition’s offer, then customers aren’t going to be loyal to your business.

When they chose to purchase from you, it’s just because you were the convenient option at that particular moment.

You aren’t their preferred option and that is a major problem.

When you don’t have loyal customers, you don’t have consistent customers. This means you are constantly stressed to find new customers.

The reason you don’t have loyal customers is because you don’t provide value.

Therefore, you want to provide your customers with products and services that are high in value.

What is considered a valuable product or service?

If it solves a problem it is valuable.

If it provides an experience that cannot be found anywhere else it is valuable.

If it helps your customers earn more money it is valuable.

Value is when you improve the life of your customer.

Once again, you want to focus on the customer and identify their problems and motivations.

This information allows you to create a product or service that provides so much value you can barely maintain supply due to demand.

You don’t just want to quickly make a product or provide a service without doing this necessary research about your customers.

If you do, you will end up offering something you can barely sale.



No value, no exchange of money.

Have an Effective Marketing Strategy

There’s no way you can have a successful business without investing in marketing.

Notice that I said investing in marketing.

Yes, time is an investment. But, you will also need to invest some money.

I have been writing this blog for almost 6 years. Why hasn’t it taken off yet?

It could be because I had to learn how to improve my writing over the years.

The main reason why it hasn’t — I never invested in marketing my blog.

When you are operating a business, you are dealing with competition who wants the same customers you are after.

If they have an effective marketing strategy and you are merely hoping to be “found”, you have lost the war.

You need to be seen by your target market. This attention needs to result into leads being generated for your business.

I suggest you try a mixture of marketing activities and analyze how each is performing.

Find out what works for you and what doesn’t. Eliminate the weak performing activities and double down on the strong ones.

For example, I am going to do Facebook ads, Google AdWords, speaking/ training, YouTube channel, email marketing, and be a vendor at events.

My goal is to bring in a minimum of 100 leads every week, closing on at least 10-15 new clients per month.

This number represents the target goal for my writing business. Of course, I want this number to be higher when I am selling products.

The only way I meet my target is by creating a marketing strategy that makes people want to learn more about my business.

I do this by stating the problem and desire that exist for my target market and provide them with a glimpse of my great solution.

This will compel them to want to learn more about my offer. Now I have them placed in my sales funnel where I can nurture them into a customer.


Make Sales a Priority

Money rules the world. Cash is needed to keep your business operating. Sales are needed to generate cash.

For some odd reason, many entrepreneurs are afraid of selling.

If you want a successful business then selling needs to be a priority.

You need to be on the phone prospects, sending emails to prospects, or in appointments with prospects.

Set sales goals and make these goals your obsession.

There needs to be sales goal for the week, month, quarter, and year.

This helps to keep you focused on meeting your sales goal, and generating money for your business.

Don’t become frustrated when you hear a lot of “no’s” or “not right now”.  Sales is a numbers game. You will hear a lot of no’s before getting a yes.

As you gain experience over time, your sales skills become better. You will be able to immediately identify what points to talk about to close on the sale.


2017 is the year to create a successful business. The tips I have given you will help make this happen.

I want to make sure that you have the insight and tools to help accomplish your goal.

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