Custom Fabrication: Does It Make Sense For Your Manufacturing Business?

It doesn’t matter whether you are planning to start a new manufacturing business or you are already running one. What does matter is that you have the right tools and equipment to create your products so that you can remain efficient and profitable.


The trouble with some manufacturers is they opt for off-the-shelf solutions or even used ones previously owned by other companies. While that might be okay in some cases, it isn’t with others. Why? The answer is simple: your business will be spending time and money on workarounds.


Although it can sometimes require a significant investment, the returns on custom fabricating solutions for your manufacturing business can be high. In today’s article, we will explore why it could make sense for your company to adopt such an approach.

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Lower total cost of ownership


Let’s look at the primary reason why it just doesn’t work out to use equipment that isn’t specifically designed for what you do. If you end up using machinery that “mostly” gets the job done, you will have to spend a lot of time and money thinking of ways to achieve your desired results.

Usually, this will involve buying more equipment or even sending your products off for a third-party to assemble for you. As you can imagine, the costs of such an exercise could end up skyrocketing!


However, if you have a custom fabricated machine that provides a total solution for your needs, you can keep everything in-house. What’s more, the total cost of ownership will be considerably lower than the alternative solution.


Better reliability


Another problem with using machines and equipment built by third parties is you just have no idea of their build quality. Sure, some brands might be market leaders. But, that doesn’t mean all the equipment offered in their range will be resilient and seldom break down.

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An advantage of custom fabricating a manufacturing solution for your company is that you know just how well it is built. How? Because you had a say in how it got designed, of course!


When you create a customized manufacturing solution, you can specify the strength of welds for high-pressure systems to minimize the risk of explosions, for example. So, if you’re working with botanical CO2 extracts to manufacture products for the healthcare industry, you can keep your employee safety high, and your manufacturing costs down thanks to your reliable custom solution.

A flexible and scalable alternative to off-the-shelf solutions


Last, but not least, you have the power to scale your manufacturing equipment as your business grows with custom fabrication. When you use an off-the-shelf solution, you’re restricted to the product assembled in your factory. But, with a custom alternative, you can make provision for future expansion.


For example, you can design your manufacturing equipment to easily allow extra capacity or add-on machines.


Final thoughts
As a manufacturing company, you need to consider how to reach your long-term goals. If that means you need to invest in custom fabricated equipment and machinery, the benefits of doing so will far outweigh the initial costs.

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