Customer Relationships: Are They Really That Important?





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If there is one thing that is the center of all business planning, it’s the customer experience. Businesses want customers to fall in love with them and they do whatever they can to make that happen. It’s the little details that a customer will remember – the help that was offered when packing bags at the checkout. The support and patience from a website service that helped a customer understand how to get online. When customers feel good about how you treat them, they will continue to be loyal to your business.

However, customer relationships are also brought under the spotlight for another reason. The question of their importance comes up often, depending on the nature of the business. Should you choose to put something else in your company above the needs of the customer, then you are effectively shunting customers to your competition. So, to answer the question, yes – customer relationships are vital to the survival of a business. On that note, how can you as a company offer an outstanding customer experience?

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Attentiveness. When you go to a restaurant for a meal, do you like it when the waiters attend you promptly and offer you refills? Of course, you do. That kind of attention is only something you can get when people are paying attention to your needs. If you work at a gas station on the graveyard shift, are you aware of the safety of the people who come and purchase gas from you? Of course, you are. That’s why you would make small changes to the station decor and lighting with, to make your station work for the people that it serves. People want to feel looked after and if you make the effort to do that, you will always have repeat custom.

Recognition. Every store or service gets the regular customers who come in at the same times each week for the same groceries. If your company makes the effort to learn who the people are, they will continue to return. Being greeted by name can be a very meaningful experience and there is nothing more flattering than having someone reassuring greet you on arrival. Extend that experience to your customers. Word of mouth is a very powerful tool and when you do something good, social media hears about it!

Appreciation. How does your company show its appreciation to your customers? Having offers on orders for those who sign up to the company blog or who have ordered from you more than three times can really lure in more custom. Being able to put on offers so that you can give back to those who help you profit is a great way to spread the word that you have the type of company that gives. Appreciating people creates an excellent customer relationship with those who buy from you and fosters long standing loyalty.

In short, customer relationships absolutely matter to the success of a company, and if you put the time and the money in, you will reap the reward.

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