From Digital to Physical: Tips to Help You Transition Your Business

Running a physical store seems to be an old idea now. With the internet being so accessible and friendly to new business owners, most entrepreneurs are trading in the aprons and smiles for social media skills and online presences. However, that doesn’t mean owning a physical store is no longer a viable option for budding business owners. In fact, the retail sector will continue to boom until there’s absolutely no space left for it. Whether you’re trying to set up your very first business or if you’re expanding your online-only company to a retail location, here are a couple of tips to help you make your store stand out among the competition.

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Welcome your guests with a smile


Your social media skills won’t do you much good in real life. You’ll have to learn about body language, a positive attitude and the proper way to speak with your customers. Greet them with a smile, remember that they’re going to be in your store for quite some time, and try to hold their attention without overwhelming them with information or suggestions on what to buy. The more approachable you and your staff are, the more likely your retail expansion will be successful.


Fix up your storefront


People don’t want to approach a store if it’s breaking apart. From fixing up the floor outside of your business with asphalt resurfacing to repairing your store window, make sure your business premises is presentable and that you’re taking good care of it. Put decorations outside, ensure that your signs are properly aligned and have lights to make them show up during the evening, and don’t forget about putting popular items out on your window display to make them stand out.


Don’t overwhelm them with choice


Unlike a digital store, you don’t near unlimited space to put all your products, you don’t have a search function, and you can’t sort by price or anything like that. Throw away whatever you knew about setting up a digital storefront and re-learn how to give your customers just the right amount of choice. For instance, if you run a store that sells electronics, then you don’t want to have four or five generations of a single device in your store. Keep the current generation (for instance, the newest smartphone or latest video game console) and keep them on display. If you do want to sell older models as well, then leave a small sign that lets your customers know you stock older components or devices and they just need to ask.


Don’t neglect your digital store
Running a digital store is already a lot of work, but if you also have to consider your physical store then it can be tiresome. Make sure you’re hiring extra employees to help you manage more aspects of your business and don’t neglect your digital store for your physical one. Keep them both equally as important and don’t prioritize one over the other. If you want to maintain a good balance, then operate your online business from the same location as your physical store, that way you can stay in the business mindset and manage both in a single location.

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