Don’t Let Your Business Drown in Hot Water

Getting your business in legal hot water can be very damaging to it. It can be damaging to its brand image, to its connection with the authorities and to its relationships with any sponsors or benefactors that help to finance it. Even if your business finds itself in hot water because of an innocent and easy-to-make mistake the ramifications can be tough; below are a few tips on you can avoid dipping your business into hot water and potentially burning it forever.


Grow the ‘GRAS’ in your business


If something is ‘GRAS’ in other words it means that it has officially been deemed Generally Recognised as Safe. Generally, the term is used in the world of catering, specifically in the food prep sectors of it, and is applied by experts to any food that they consider to be safe. So, if yours is a business that deals at all with the cooking/preparing and delivery of food or drink, even if it’s just a small canteen that is only provided for your staff, you must do all that you can to keep it ‘GRAS’. One way to do so is use glass packaging jars; glass is one of the only ways to package that has been granted full ‘GRAS’ status by the FDA because of the fact it doesn’t impact food and drink in regards to additives. Finding yourself in hot water in regards to any misdemeanors in the kitchen is a very serious offense and a tough one to pull yourself out from — so if you want your business to be ‘GRAS’ you should opt for glass.

Glass jar


Don’t be an enemy to your employees


You can still be an authority figure without being overtly mean to your employees, you know. By being excessively mean to and disregarding your employees you are not only making yourself an enemy to them, but you are also dipping your toes dangerously in the pool of hot water that is brought about by misconduct in the workplace. There are a number of reasons why an employee may take to suing their employers, one of which is if said employer fails to follow the policies that they themselves set out. If you, as a business owner, claim you are going to do one thing but do completely the opposite, and this has a very negative impact on a member of your staff’s work- or even home life, then they will be liable to take you to court and land you in a pool of piping hot water.
Bad boss


Don’t be lax when it comes to tax


It is absolutely imperative that you keep your business out of hot water in regards to tax. You must ensure that you are up-to-date in regards to the latest rules and regulations regarding tax and, most importantly, you must never withhold tax information from the authorities when they ask you for it.

Don’t avoid your tax


Even if it’s its first time swimming in it, being in hot water at any point in its life can have a damaging effect on a business. For more tips on how to keep your business out of legal hot water make sure to click here.


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