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If you haven’t noticed, I recently released a new e-book called The Starter Playbook for Entrepreneurs. This e-book is a prequel to 10 Laws of Power for Entrepreneurs.

Even though I initially wrote this e-book as an appetizer for my book release on December 29th, I noticed during the writing process that the information enclosed was desperately needed by aspiring entrepreneurs who were entering the world of entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship is a complex world of many different moving pieces that have to connect together for you to succeed as an entrepreneur.

These pieces include: product development, customer service, sales, marketing, continued learning, networking, positioning, and many other different aspects that go into building a successful business.

Most people fail to connect all these different pieces together because they don’t really understand the entrepreneurial process.

But the only way you can understand this process is by possessing the mindset that enables you to implement the successful habits that develop successful behavior.

Because that’s all that failure or success as an entrepreneur really boils down to — your mindset which influences your behavior.

It took me nearly 10 years to finally understand this truth.

I wanted to be a successful entrepreneur but my actions didn’t reflect my desires because my mindset made my actions ineffective.

I wasn’t consistently applying the successful actions to reinforce my stated goals because I didn’t understand the success process.

This lack of knowledge meant that I spent years being frustrated because of my lack of success, which was self-inflicted due to my poor behavior.

Success isn’t attracted to losers and I was acting like a loser.

I had to realize that in order to be a winner I needed to think and act like a winner.

This is what I cover in this e-book.

I cover how to think with success in mind so that your actions influence your relentless drive towards your goals.

I want to cut your learning curve in half so that you don’t experience years of operating with bullshit behavior like I did.

If your goal is to be a successful entrepreneur then you need to read this e-book.

It’ll help you define your goals, put effective actions behind your goals, and work your ass off until you become a successful entrepreneur.

Download your copy of the e-book now and learn how to implement a winning mindset that builds a successful business.

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