Is Your Dream Job Proving Elusive?

It’s a question we’re used to being asked from a very early age. When you’re young, your aunties and uncles quiz you about what you want to do when you’re older, and this doesn’t really change when you reach adulthood. People are always keen to know about what you do when they first meet you, and what ambitions you hold for the future. The reality is that many of us have a dream job in mind, but we can’t seem to make it a reality. If your ideal job is proving elusive, here are some hints and tips, which may come in handy.

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Are you qualified for the job?

Before you start firing off applications to every advert that is remotely linked to your dream job, think carefully about whether you’re the best candidate you can be. Remember that this is a job you really want, not just something to put food on the table. Have you got the right qualifications? Have you got the experience the job description demands? If you can’t answer yes to these questions, there are things you can do. You don’t have to bid farewell to a dream before you’ve even given it a go. Find out about courses and get in touch with companies about internships and entry-level opportunities that may become available in the coming months. It may be that you have to study or take an unpaid job, but if you’re on the right track, it’s worth putting in the effort.


Do you dare to be different?

When you’re job hunting and thinking about your career, put yourself first. Often, we can be swayed by others or even societal norms. Take women in the civil engineering industry, construction or politics, for example. These are traditionally male-dominated industries, but that doesn’t mean that these jobs are off-limits if you’re female. If you’ve got a job in mind, don’t let factors such as age or gender put you off.


Are you looking in the right place?

If you’ve struggled to find suitable jobs, make sure you’re looking in the right place. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll meet somebody in a cafe that offers you the role you’ve always wanted. Life isn’t like a Hollywood movie for most people, so go out there and look for jobs that you want to do. Sign up with recruitment agencies and register your CV with online sites.


Are you underselling yourself?

If you’re getting interviews, but they’re not coming to anything, it could be that you’re underselling yourself. Ask yourself what’s holding you back. Do you lack confidence? Do you struggle to emphasize your good points and convince employers that you’re a good choice? Are you too self-deprecating or do you struggle to show that you’re passionate about the role? It’s very common to find interview scenarios daunting and scary. Breathe, be confident in what you’re saying, and focus on your strengths. Take some interview lessons and public speaking classes if you’re finding that your confidence is an issue.


If you’re finding it tough to land your dream job, have a think about why job hunting is proving to be such a chore. Make sure you’re qualified for the roles you want, be persistent and determined, and be confident in your own abilities. Good luck!

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