Effective Ways To Improve User Experience On Your Website


You have a website up and running for your company, and that’s great! However, you shouldn’t rest on your laurels and assume all the hard work has been done. If you want to attract and retain customers, you are going to have to work a little harder to improve their experience.

Here are a few suggestions to help you make the relevant changes to your website.


Make it user-friendly

When you enter a high street store, you know how frustrating it can be when you can’t find the product you want. If the shop floor is cluttered with items and the shelves are stacked with poorly organized items, you aren’t going to stay very long. There is probably another store across the road who have done a better job.

You may have already guessed the analogy, but here goes anyway. Your website needs to be easy to navigate, with clearly signposted links from one page to another. It should also be attractive, with minimal design and an uncluttered interface. You don’t want to overload your site with too many buttons and plugins. Rather, use functions that are relevant to your customer. Products need to be priced correctly and displayed in high-resolution photographs to catch the eye of your visitors.

If you don’t take the time in designing the layout of your website, your competitors are only a click away, and they might snatch your precious customers away from you.


Optimize for mobile devices

You have probably tested your website on your computer, but a lot of consumers today use their smartphones and tablets to browse the web. Therefore, you must make sure your site is displayed properly across a range of devices, considering the various screen sizes. If you don’t spend time adjusting your website, you will lose a lot of your potential customer base

It is possible to create a mobile version of your site, but some people believe focussing on the existing site’s responsiveness is better for SEO purposes.


Communicate with your customers

There needs to be a way for your customers to speak to you, so add a contact form or create a chat feature with a bot platform. People may want to raise a query about a particular product, so you are guaranteed more sales if you create a safe buying experience and provide a response.

There are other ways you can communicate with your customers, so use social media or the occasional newsletter to promote special offers and new information about your company.


Use Google Analytics

This is a great tool for finding out more about the behavior of your site visitors. You can discover how they came across your site, be it from a social media link or a search engine. It is possible to see how long they have stayed on each page, so you can work out which parts of your website are popular, and which areas are struggling to maintain interest. By analyzing your visitor traffic, you can go ahead and fine tune your site to improve the user experience.

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