The Four ‘B’s of Employee Management

When you run and own and small business, the day to day things can often be taken care of. But as things grow, you will need to start taking on employees. As you do so, there is a whole new level of things that you need to think about. When it is just you, you can manage working through your lunch break to get the job done, for example. Your colleagues will more than likely be less inclined to do so. You have other things to consider like their pay rises, bonuses, if any, and their health and happiness in the workplace. So if you are fairly new to management of a team, then look out for these steps to help to keep your employees happy in the workplace. When they’re happy, they are much more likely to be productive.


Be Present


It can make a big difference when the team see you in the business on a regular basis. Talk to your team and get to know them. They want to know that they can talk to you and that you’ll listen. So respond, ask them questions, and get involved with them. Just being a big boss in a secluded office isn’t the best way to make the team feel involved or motivated.


Be Caring


It is easy to show some compassion and caring when it comes to your employees. When they see you are like that, they are much more likely to upfront and honest with you, rather than lie to get some time off. So if they need to take a personal day, then try to accommodate things like that as much as possible, within reason, of course.



Be Mindful of Their Health


In any workplace, there are certain rules and regulations that an employer needs to abide by to make sure that their team are cared for and are working in a safe and healthy environment. So let them know that that is important to you. Keep the place clean and tidy and emphasise this with them. Show them how hiring a professional office cleaning service improves employee health and that you’re keen to do so. If they need adjustments at work such as a specific desk chair for back problems, or a wrist support for working at the computer, then these are the kinds of thing that should be met.


Be Clear


Confusion in the workplace can cause all sorts of problems. People misunderstand things or take things the wrong way. So providing context and clarity is always a good idea for your employees. They will know what is expected of them with no confusion. In most cases that means no wasted time and a much more productive team.


So taking the time to get to know your team, how they work and making sure that they are respected is certainly worth your time. You’ll have a happier team that wants to be there, and that will want to do their best to make the business thrive.

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