Employee Satisfaction Is Just as Important as Customer Satisfaction

When running a business, one of the most useful ways to increase productivity is to make your staff and your employees happy. When staff are satisfied, they’ll do a good job with all of their tasks, they’ll be motivated to work and they’ll encounter fewer issues. When staff are happy, they’ll actually work harder for you than if they were disgruntled, upset and annoyed. As a result, it pays to keep the well-being of your staff as a top priority, and it can be considered just as important as the satisfaction of your customers.

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Office comforts


One of the quickest ways to give your staff some happiness is to provide them with office comforts. It could be something as simple as AC services to keep them cool during the upcoming summer months, or it could be a microwave oven for them to heat up meals to eat during lunch break. As long as you’re providing your staff with these simple office comforts, they’ll find working in your office a lot more relaxing, bearable and enjoyable. They aren’t a big investment and they don’t need much maintenance either, making them effective ways to boost staff morale.


Giving them a career, not a job


Another point to consider is their future. Most of your staff are working for you because they want a career, not just a job. Without a path to advance, they’re going to be disgruntled, frustrated, and they’ll feel like your business is giving them a dead-end job instead of an actual job that’s worth their time and effort. Don’t focus on money as the primary thing to draw in new staff, focus on their future.


Your staff run your business


It doesn’t matter if you’re a startup or a large corporation, your staff have a lot of say when they run your business. When you plan your business budget, the cost of hiring staff can be ludicrously high especially if you need to hire an entire team of workers, and this is often because they’re well-trained and skilled individuals that are worth every penny. Just keep in mind that your staff operate your business even when you’re not in the office, so put your faith in them and keep them happy unless you want to experience troubles in the future.


Give them creative freedom


A satisfied employee is one that can stretch their intellectual muscles and creative urges. If you have members of staff who regularly write papers, reports and other documents that require some creativity, then don’t restrict what they can do. Give them the freedom to write reports how they want so it’s more efficient for them. If you have a marketing department, don’t act like you know more than them—just let them do what they want. Your staff need to feel like they’re contributing their own thoughts and ideas into your business instead of just following orders. It’s that autonomy and freedom that makes them feel like they’re part of your company, and they’ll be a lot happier knowing they have contributed to your company’s success.

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