What is the Entrepreneurial Process?

I recently released my first book, 10 Laws of Power for Entrepreneurs, which discusses the entrepreneurial process in detail.

I felt that this topic needed to be addressed because so many aspiring entrepreneurs don’t understand the process involved in entrepreneurship.

They subscribe to the belief that acquiring success is easy and almost instant — all that’s required to attain it is their “claim” to it.

May the ignorant soon find wisdom.

Entrepreneurship is a battle.

You’re battling for attention, for recognition, and for customers.

This makes success an elusive creature that can be very difficult to capture.

Therefore, mindset and behavior play a huge part in how well your hunt for success goes.

Your mindset influences the actions that form your behavior.

If you have a mediocre mindset, then you’ll have mediocre behavior.

A mediocre mindset is when you feel entitled, play the victim, and hate the success that other people experience.

Mediocre behavior is when you do half-ass work and always look for shortcuts.

Mediocrity is a repellent of success and unfortunately, a lot of entrepreneurs operate within the confines of mediocrity.

The entrepreneurial process requires a winning mindset because this type of thinking influences successful behavior.

If an individual doesn’t possess a winning mindset they’ll never succeed in operating within the entrepreneurial process.

This is because the entrepreneurial process requires consistency, persistence, and massive action.

The average person who performs at a mediocre level doesn’t have the capacity to perform well within the entrepreneurial process because it requires intense focus — something mediocre individuals can never have.

If you’re not used to being accountable for your own actions and hustling nearly 24/7, then you’re going to need a crash course to learn how the entrepreneurial process works.

You’re going to need to thoroughly understand this process if you have any chance at succeeding in entrepreneurship.

If you fail to grasp this concept, that is dependent on mindset and actions, you’re guaranteed to fail at entrepreneurship.

So let’s dissect the entrepreneurial process to help you learn how to operate effectively and efficiently as an entrepreneur.

Defining the Entrepreneurial Process

As I mentioned, the entrepreneurial process is dependent on your mindset and the behavior influenced by those thoughts.

Behavior is developed through actions that become habits.

This is important to understand because you have to be in control of your thoughts and actions to navigate successfully through the world of entrepreneurship.

The reason being is because the entrepreneurial process involves identifying, connecting, and execution.

You must identify opportunities that are available to you even when they’re disguised as challenges.

You’ll need to connect various actions with one another that work together to produce the bigger picture –your end-goal.

You absolutely must execute your strategy of actions if you want to produce successful results.

Most entrepreneurs skip over this 3 step formula and just do whatever comes to their mind at any given moment.

This is a terrible way to operate as an entrepreneur.

You must be consistent to succeed as an entrepreneur and that’s not possible when your lack of direction creates inconsistency.

This is because the entrepreneurial process is a system of actions.

A system is ineffective when a link within it is not operating at full capacity.

Many entrepreneurs are operating with many broken links within their entrepreneurial process, which makes it impossible for their efforts to produce successful results.

These broken links could be your sales strategy, marketing approach, product quality, service performance, or numerous other issues that affect the overall performance of your business.

If you’re not knowledgeable about the entrepreneurial process, though you’ll never be able to determine where your problems exist.

This is because you never built a system that guided your actions.

Without this system being in place, you can’t determine the impact of each action you take.

And if you’re not taking actions that are backed by purpose then you’ll just be wasting your time.

Each action you take should reinforce the last one you took.

This creates consistency, better market positioning, and builds your authority within your industry.

You need all 3 of these factors to be successful as an entrepreneur because they all are dependent on one another to exist.

As you can see, the entrepreneurial process is focused on designing a system of actions that produces massive results.

The keyword to focus on is results.

If you’re not producing the results that lead to success then you’re not operating with the mindset of an entrepreneur.

That mindset is to get shit done!

Getting Shit Done/ Learn to Hustle

What is the purpose of being an entrepreneur?

It’s to successfully exploit an opportunity that you set out to conquer.

But you can’t do that when you’re not executing your goals.

So many entrepreneurs make big extravagant plans that never come to fruition because they put all of their energy into the plan and forgot about actions.

While planning and strategizing is important, you need to be more focused on doing the actions that lead to the continual progression of accomplishing your goals.

Too many entrepreneurs enjoy the thought of success that only lives within their mind more than the process of achieving success.

It’s because these individuals are afraid of hustling.

Hustle… the bad word some people say doesn’t belong in the conversation of legitimate business.

Please! Spare me with that sophisticated bullshit.

The United States of America was built off of hustle.

All great businesses and empires were developed through hustle.

Maybe I need to define the word hustle?

Hustle is the ability to exploit an opportunity and prosper despite starting your pursuit with minimal resources.

This is the embodiment of entrepreneurship — making something out of nothing.

Making something out of nothing means that you work extremely hard to position yourself to succeed.

All successful entrepreneurs will tell you that they hustled to be in the position of success that they currently experience.

Gary Vaynerchuk is an advocate for hustling.

Grant Cardone preaches the benefits of hustling.

These are multi-millionaire entrepreneurs telling you that you must hustle to be successful.

But if you’re not hustling with a purpose then you’re not getting shit done.

So many entrepreneurs hustle backwards by trying to appear busy doing things that don’t even move them closer to their goals.

This is foolish to do.

You must learn how to hustle effectively if you intend to be successful.

What’s hustling effectively?

It’s about maximizing your time and actions to produce massive results in a relatively short amount of time.

For instance, it took me only 2 weeks to finish my book once I got focused on finishing it — the remaining nine chapters.

Up to that point, I was dragging it out for nearly 9 months!

I had to intensify my focus to maximize my hustle.

Now that I know what it takes to write a book, I can write one within a month if I’m staying within the 20-60k word range.

Learning how to maximize my hustle has me aiming for publishing 3-4 books in 2018, writing curriculum, and more big things to be announced.

None of this will occur, though if I don’t implement the right actions that allow me to get shit done.

So in the end, it’s either hustle and produce results or fail and exist within mediocrity.

Why Most Entrepreneurs Fail

Unfortunately, failure will be inevitable for most entrepreneurs.

Even though there are programs, training, and resources to battle against entrepreneurs failing, success is dependent on the person themselves.

The worst enemy every person on this earth will face is their own self.

If you can’t learn to master your thoughts, emotions, and behavior then you’ll always be in the position of a victim.

This means you will always find excuses to validate your reason for being a failure.

But there’s no excuse for your lack of ambition, resolve, or tenacity.

If you want to win, you’ll find a way to push through the challenges and obstacles that come your way.

Entrepreneurship is a war.

If you’re not mentally, emotionally, and physically built to go to war then the pressures of the battlefield will consume you.

A lot of individuals just aren’t built for entrepreneurship because they’re too comfortable with an average existence.

Mediocrity means that you’re doing just enough, the bare minimum, to get by.

You can’t just do the bare minimum as an entrepreneur because you’re required to perform at a high level if you want to have any chance at being successful.

Think of all the other individuals who are going after the same target market you’re trying to convert into your customers.

Do you think they’re slacking off when you’re not working? Absolutely not.

Favorable market positioning is all about who creates a strong competitive advantage — something you can’t do when you’re operating with loser behavior.

The loser mindset makes you dependent instead of being independent.

And as sickening as it is, we live in world where being in a dependent position is viewed as normal.

This dependent mindset makes mediocre people believe that they’re entitled to success.

Thinking Success Comes Easy

It’s quite laughable to even think that success should be inclusive.

Why should a lazy person enjoy the same lifestyle of someone who worked non-stop to bring their vision into fruition?

They didn’t put in any work or make personal sacrifices to accomplish their goals.

What about people working 2-3 jobs or more than 12 hours every day to making a living, you ask.

These people aren’t successful because they rather chase crumbs to eat than sit at the table where the feast is ate.

If you’re a consumer, you don’t get to experience the same level of living as a producer.

Most people will say this isn’t fair but life isn’t supposed to be fair.

If you’re not smart enough or ambitious enough to get ahead in life, then you’ll remain on the sidelines while the winners perform and reap the rewards for their efforts.

It sounds harsh but it’s the truth.

You have to get it out your mind that you deserve to be successful and instead learn how you can create the actions to acquire success.

Success doesn’t care about your feelings, it only cares about your actions.

If your actions don’t reflect that success needs to come into existence within your life then it will avoid you.

The majority of people don’t know how to be successful because they were never taught what real success is.

Having a salary-based job you hate, owning a house and car you can barely afford, and being deep in debt is not success.

This is the false image you were sold your entire life to make you easy to control — being financially dependent.

Therefore, you think just because you show up, you’re supposed to be rewarded for your presence.

You were brainwashed and you have to learn how to purge your mind of these lies so that you can learn how to operate on a higher level.

How to Improve Your Entrepreneurial Process

The entrepreneurial process is about continual improvement.

You learn how to improve your process by identifying your strengths and weaknesses.

Having this insight allows you to position yourself for better results.

You must constantly analyze your performance to understand where your current actions are leading you.

You don’t want to be following the wrong strategy that only waste your time.

The most successful people in the world are ruthless with their actions.

They understand that their time has to be maximized with actions that are focused on producing big results.

It’s about not only knowing what you want, but how you’re going to get what you want.

Success is not produced by chance luck.

You have to be strategic and methodical with your approach to attain it.

You need to eliminate distractions, minimize your losses, and increase your output.

This can be very demanding, especially in the beginning when you’re learning how to suppress your need to resort to mediocre behavior.

But if you learn how to master your mind, you can create the actions that put you in the position to win on a consistent basis.

You must possess a conqueror’s mindset.

A conqueror is focused on taking what they claim as theirs.

If you claim that success is yours then you must take it!

An entrepreneur doesn’t ask for permission, they do what needs to be done to secure their victory.

If your entrepreneurial process isn’t producing wins for you then it’s broken and it must be fixed immediately.

Time isn’t on your side so you must learn how to trick it into being your ally and not your enemy.

This only happens when you create a process of systematic actions that are aligned together to maximize the results you produce.

This is how the entrepreneurial process is supposed to work.

Final Remarks

The entrepreneurial process can be very complex and hard for some people to master.

This is expected when you are taught your entire life how to follow instead of lead.

Because of the lack of effective entrepreneur education, I’m creating different products, trainings, and services focused on improving the success rate of entrepreneurs who read my blog.

As an entrepreneur who has experienced the highs and lows of entrepreneurship, I want to provide my knowledge in many different forms so I can ensure that I do my job in helping you succeed.

The Starter Playbook for Entrepreneurs is a great e-book that covers how to build your business foundation. Make sure to download this e-book ASAP.

10 Laws of Power for Entrepreneurs is available on Amazon.

This book goes into more detail about the entrepreneurial process by defining the laws that lead to success as an entrepreneur. This is a must-have book to add to your collection of books covering entrepreneurship. The second edition of this book will be available by February.

I’m currently working on my curriculum focused on the Entrepreneurial Mindset. Stay tuned for updates about this training.

More developments are to come in the following months so be sure to subscribe to the blog in order to receive my periodic newsletter focused on the entrepreneur community as a whole and news from Entrepreneurial Ambitions.


  1. Marcus said:

    Damn! This was a great read. A lot of hard truths that a lot of people don’t want to accept.

    It takes a lot to be an entrepreneur. Some like to treat it like a job that they can clock in and clock out. They really need to realize that real entrepreneurs are hustling 24/7.

    The mindset is paramount, but still action is needed to get you the rest of the way.

    You really said what needed to be said.

    December 19, 2017
    • Yura said:

      Correct Marcus.

      Entrepreneurship is not something you can turn on and turn off.

      If you’re not willing to put in the hard work on a consistent basis, don’t expect to be in the winner’s circle with the people who hustle their ass off to be within this small circle.

      I appreciate your comment.

      December 20, 2017

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